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  1. normally only the drivers side rear fog light should turn on and not both sides, other drivers behind you would / could mistake both fog lights working as your break lights......
  2. for us non Portuguese speaking members- check that the battery contacts are touching the battery correctly and that the battery is properly seated.
  3. you get four pads in a set because you have to change both sides each time you have to renew your pads
  4. My thought as well, I don't know if there were L-ion battery's 12 years back and they have a different charging sequence then [acid] battery's
  5. I wouldn't buy the car too low mileage for it's age, the engine hasn't nearly been run-in properly and what else has been said here above. i would only buy a second hand car with at least 10000 km / 62000 mile average per year
  6. After 15 years of no motorcycle, going to a motorcycle dealer and ordering a new motor scooter and a new outfit 😁
  7. blue smoke is caused by the incomplete burning of oil [crankcase?] maybe leaking past the valve stems
  8. If you use distilled water to mix with the screen wash you don't have to ad distilled vinegar
  9. Did your front wheels slip when you gave your car a "short blast "? if so then it's normal that the esp warning light comes on.
  10. As said above but try with a hot air paint stripper it get to a higher temperature then a hairdryer, gently warm the aria and see if it comes back in shape. if it doesn't come back let the aria cool down and start over again but if it's punctured all of the above won't work and then you could look for an other.
  11. Or the Phillips White Vision with the transparent blue glass, they give whiter light than the "normal" clear bulbs
  12. Degrease first otherwise you'll be sanding dirt and grease into your paint surface
  13. 2 k doesn't come in a can 2 k is a two component paint, it's a paint you have to mix with a hardener. Normally the brand of spray cans carries a clear lacquer just for the metallic spray paints.
  14. Take the battery back to the store you bought and have it checked they will find out that the battery is broken and ask for a new one there still should be warranty on the battery. If you have the new battery installed let some one check the load voltage and current from the alternator to see if there is something wrong with the alternator
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