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  1. Mk1 Focus Fan Problem

    its worth a try if he's having same trouble mate.only advice id give him is if you are getting a new 1 take the old 1 out for part number as there was 3 different ones listed for mine under reg so needed part number to be sure :) Near Miss!
  2. Mk1 Focus Fan Problem

    just thought id let you know managed to change temp sensor yesterday and alls back working fine now. quick 5 mins job and it was done.
  3. Mk1 Focus Fan Problem

    cheers for heads up stef ill call them tomorrow. i have to agree with you artscot about fans being on rather than not at all.just feel daft driving it as it sounds like a harrier jet lol
  4. Mk1 Focus Fan Problem

    litle bit of an update for you. after i drove home from work today i decided to have a play with the secret menu on the dash as i found out it has a bit for reading the cylinder head temp sensor. when i start the car it was sat at 105c then after the 5 to 10 second wait it jumps to 215c on the digital dash,whilst the temp neadle drops to zero and the fans kick in (i imagine this must be like a cooling safe mode) so its looking more likely that it is the temp sensor than anything else, so going to change that thursday and ill let you know how i get on
  5. Mk1 Focus Fan Problem

    ive just checked the dtc codes and the 1 that has come up is dtc 073 SCP Invalid or missing data for engine coolant if thats any help
  6. Mk1 Focus Fan Problem

    Hi all ive got a problem with the cooling fan on my mk1 1.6 focus.the problem is when i start the car within 5-10 seconds the cooling fan comes on and stays on (even from a cold start)ive done the usual oil and coolant checks and there both fine and pretty sure its not overheating as when you turn the car off the fans go off straight away. one thing i have noticed though is if ive been driving the car for a while and the engine temp is allready at its running temperature and then start the car the temp needle sits halfway on the speedo as it should,but after the 5-10 seconds it drops to zero then the fan kicks in. im guessing its maybe temperature sensor thats faulty but not too sure where it is or if it is even that. thanks in advance
  7. Sports Cat Question

    well finally had a bit of decent weather this morning so got round to fitting sports cat. really happy with results. on the sound side it does seem slightly louder but nothing major so im going to leave it as it is,afterall exhaust system hasnt been on that long so expecting it to quieten down after carbons built up a bit.have to say it does feel a lot more willing to go now.feels a lot more responsive under acceralation on both high and low speeds.probably best 50 notes ive spent so far . my mates got same engine focus as mine with less miles but even he says mine feels a lot quicker just waiting for summer now (if we have one) so i can get some spraying done
  8. Sports Cat Question

    no worries mate. the gt3 backbox i got from the link is 4inch aswell.wasnt sure about it at first as i thought it looked too big but when its on car it looks sound (ill get a few pics up when weather gets better). gives out a nice deep tone at minute.cant wait to hear it with sports cat on though
  9. Sports Cat Question

    this is the shop i got mine from if your after other options http://stores.shop.ebay.co.uk/GT3-EXHAUSTS_FORD_W0QQLHQ5fSellerWithStoreZ1QQLHQ5fTitleDescZ1QQ_fsubZ5QQ_sasiZ1QQ_sidZ238562813QQ_trksidZp4634Q2ec0Q2em322 from there i got straight through center section http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/FORD-FOCUS-SPORTS-PIPE-EXHAUST-BACK-BOX-REAR-SILENCER_W0QQitemZ170270396298QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item27a4e80f8a backbox http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/FORD-FOCUS-HATCH-EXHAUST-BACK-BOX-REAR-SILENCER-SYSTEM_W0QQitemZ170270397953QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item27a4e81601 they sometimes list them as a joint package for a litle bit cheaper so if your not in a rush might be worth holding out for that. delivery was realy fast and they have a very good feedback rating.
  10. Sports Cat Question

    yeah mate the backbox defo has baffles in so i think if it is a bit too loud with sports cat i will get a small center silencer fitted(company i bought exhaust system off will do it for £20 so not too bad).just a case of trying different things really to see what works best. all i need now is a dry day and i can crack on
  11. Sports Cat Question

    exhaust system ive got on has only been on a week mate so im going to leave that.thats not a bad idea though about silencer.i think i might get the sports cat (for £50 id be daft not to) and fit it up and see how it sounds.if its over top i might look at getting a smaller than standard middle silencer fitted to the straight through center which should calm it down if its a bit over top
  12. Sports Cat Question

    ive been offered a sports cat for my focus really cheap.its only a year old and in very good condition. ive currently got a gt3 exhaust cat back on (straight through center and large boar backbox) and that is fairly loud at that but not over top.just a nice deep tone if i put the sports cat on with that set up do you think it would get any louder? dont really want it louder as it will be too much. cheers
  13. More Power

    right lets throw a spanner in works.just before i bought focus i nearly bought a 1.8 hyundai coupe straight up!!!.only had 25,000k onit but was automatic so didnt bother.does that mean ive got issues LOOOOOOOOOOOOL
  14. More Power

    im waiting on next few posts mike.this could end up a epic win way things are going
  15. More Power

    wow this is heading from tuning a 1.6 to a pedo how did that happen