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  1. Thanks for the reply and advice dude I will definitely be giving it a go weekend let you know the result 👍
  2. Hi all does anyone have any experience or advice on the 2013 mondeo parking sensors when I bought the car they were working and after a few days they started acting up working intermittently but now they don't work at all just get the 3 4 seconds continuous beep any advice will be welcome
  3. Thanks for the reply but panic over I tried it again with the supplied funnel and it went straight in so went to a different petrol station and hey presto no spillage. Must have been a dodgy pump
  4. hi all just tried putting diesel in my mondeo and it was clicking off after just a few pence so tried another pump and I got a bit more in but still clicking off then realized it was pouring out on the forecourt does anyone know if this is a easy fix or a wallet draining garage trip
  5. Jimmymc60


    Are there any mondeo titanium x members in the Manchester area?
  6. Hi from Manchester Back with Ford after 5years with Vauxhall currently driving mondeo titanium x 2013