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  1. I dont think its a buckled wheel, but will swop front to back just to rule it out. Thanks. Any other ideas?
  2. 2012 Ranger, There is a constant wobble on the steering wheel at all speeds. Its not wheel balance. Does not come in & out at different speeds, even at walking speed the steering wheel has a side to side wobble. Any Ideas??
  3. i have finally made connection with the car, but cant find how to switch the trailer function on......
  4. Help with forscan.... Its asking me for an activation code, where do i get that from? i have downloaded the program & inserted the Elm327 & its saying that iam not connected..?
  5. i have another issue which is with the steering, there is a vibration even at really low speeds almost like tyres out of balance! Any ideas what this could be?
  6. Many many thanks for your help much appreciated. Happy new year.
  7. Thanks Is there only 1 version for laptop?
  8. Thanks for your reply, I have the Forscan lite on my phone & the ELM327 wireless. i have not used these as yet. Is it a straight forward process? can you give me any advise or guidance through the process? Many thanks
  9. Hi, I have a Ranger 2.2 6sp 2012. I purchased my Ranger without towing equipment i then fitted 2nd hand towing equipment from a 2016 model, everything fitted perfect including the electrics which just plugged in. However no trailer lights worked. I have been told that this needs Ford to switch this function ON in the ECU, Is this correct? Does anyone know if someone other than Ford can do this? OR if there is a simpler solution? THANKS in advance.
  10. HI iam a new member. My vehicle is a Ford Ranger 2.2 6sp 2012, which i love. I have not had a ford since ownership of a Ford Sierra in the 1990's & numerous Escorts & Capri's before that. Boy i wish i had kept those cars! prices have gone Mental...
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