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  1. Ecu problem

    Hi guys its been a while since I’ve been on but i need help with an ecu issue. my wife’s car is a 2004 fiesta 1.25 and when we started it the other day it sounded really rough, and when attempted to drive it seemed to be in limp mode, I’ve had the AA out to look but they don’t know what the problem is. They gave me a report and on some investigations from myself I’m working it out to be an ecu problem. I’ve no idea what ecu it is and where to start. Can some please try and cipher this code to help me understand what it means, and what ecu it is that needs replacing. Also is it the case I can get a second hand one as long as all the Bosch or Siemens codes are the same and just replace or does it need to be recoded by fords.ive added the report from AA I hope this helps. please guys any assistance would be greatful. Thanks steve
  2. body kit

    hiya star-glenn, i ordered it from a ford main dealers, cost me around £800 without back bumper. sourced a rear ms design bumper on Ebay and got for £30, cost £120 to spray alot cheaper than buying new at the time but prices are a lot better now ford are selling them, as ms design where a rip off goto pye motors on net into parts and smax accessories and it will shown you a price list... good luck hope this helps sorry cant send you the link speak to Cane pye motors Parts Department Ovangle Road Morecambe Lancs LA3 3PF Email: Parts.Admin@pye-motors.co.uk Tel - 01524 598598 Fax - 01524 847742
  3. s max wheels 20"

    hi to all, im after some wheels for my smax , ms design 20 inch with tyres if poss, willing to pay a good price and collect if anyone has some ....please???? thanks
  4. Selling whees 20"

    hi, i know this is an old posting but do u still have wheels..
  5. body kit

    Hi all, im new to forum and I was after some advise , i have bought a ms design s max body kit for my car and was wondering if anyone could tell me where i could get the clips for it, as my dodgy car garage has lost them and told me that they cant get them.. if anyone could help it would be appreciated thanks
  6. newbie

    hi all, ive got a ford s max 2ltr petrol, in machine silver with y spoke 18" alloys not much else to say about it as have not yet modified but am starting too. will post photos on here asap. thanks guys