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  1. For anyone that's interested: 💰 Look what I found on Wish! Get up to 50% off your first purchase with code: cgdkcfnq
  2. Google is your friend.
  3. I've used YTD (you tube downloader) for this purpose.
  4. My horn failed on low tone at 15 months. Replacement failed completely at 25 months, by which time it was out of warranty (72k). Dealer said no deal, Ford CRC said book it in to your dealer to investigate. I said why? They've just seen it. Bought an air horn and fitted that instead. Much better.
  5. Mine did 81000 in 2.5 years. Had a service plan, but outstripped that pretty fast. Also Ford say Powershift box oil change at 42k. That cost me £411.00!!!!!
  6. Update: fitted all 4 for £54. Not complaining at that!
  7. Hi Simon Do you have 206-05, EPB service mode activation procedure please?
  8. Just ordered my new set of 4 Scorpion Verde 255/45 R20 XL 105W for £421.80 delivered. £60 to fit all at local tyre shop.
  9. I changed my front pads at 51000 miles. Still on the original rears at 72000. Bought pads from Euro Car Parts. Took 3 hours all in. Found some useful info here: Edge repair articles They are US based articles, so not all apply.
  10. Just for info, I have found cheapest for my Edge, set of 4 (255/45 20 Pirelli Scorpion Verde) cost under £500 delivered. £15 each to fit at local tyre shop.
  11. I have a 67 plate ST-line 210 powershift, Nov 2017, 72000 miles, average 35.9mpg.