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  1. Hi all Bit of an odd one with my 2008 1.8 TDCI - a few times now the engine malfunction warning has come on when driving but everything seems fine. However, when I park up and turn off the ignition nothing happens, engine keeps running etc. It only shuts off when I remove the key. The odd thing is this only happens when I'm driving at night with the lights on - never happens in the day, which makes me think its something electrical? Any suggestions please? Cheers
  2. Thanks F0CUE - is it just a simple case of plugging it in or does it require some extra wiring?
  3. Well, thanks to Frembrit it appears that my car does indeed only have the one reverse light - hence this guide to add a second: Odd decision by Ford but at least I dont have to worry about it being a fault!
  4. Thanks Milkman, Frembrit was correct that when you pull it out in side light position it activate the rear fogs (which is the same bulb as the reverse light). I think he might be correct that it only has one reverse light but why the heck would Ford do that as someone on the right side behind you wouldn't see it!
  5. Thanks Frembrit, is there just the one reverse light on the left then? I just assumed they should both come on? Can anyone confirm that please
  6. Not sure if its the side lights to be honest, its when you turn it to the side light position and pull it all the way out - thats when it comes on, I assume that is when its in the fog light position
  7. Hi I have an 08 facelift 1.8 diesel estate. The right hand side reverse light does no come on when reversing but the bulb does light up when I put the side lights on! Its clearly not the bulb (I put the bulb from the LHS in just to check, and it was the same) Any ideas please?
  8. Hi - recently bought a focus estate and was told it had a recent new clutch, there wasn't any paperwork but I know the mechanic who did the job and he said it was on his time cash job so that was why. Anyway, it stalled a lot when pulling away in first but he assured me that was just due to it being new and it would bed in. So 4 months later and the stalling has stopped but I've now noticed a real stutter/wobble at the high rev end of each gear and that when I take my foot off the accelerator the revs dont drop immediately (this is when i'm changing gear or when i'm coming to a stop) - is this a clutch issue? Cheers
  9. Cheers all So for anyone else wanting to do this, this is what I did: Used the above piggy back fuse holder, couldn't find a spare switched live fuse on the board so I piggy backed with the rear wiper (Fuse 131 on mine) Used two new cigarette lighters wired together and then took the positive cable under the gear gaiter and ran it down the passenger side panel to the fuse box, tucks away nice and neatly there 🙂 The negative went to a bolt underneath the centre consol and was nice and easy to place
  10. And jobs a good un and I now have music from my phone, somewhere to plug in my heated seat cover etc
  11. LOL - Exactly!! Seems the obvious place I reckon? Did you have to file down the raised strips for it to fit?
  12. Hi all On my facelift estate the only front lighter socket is tucked away in a really awkward place (see photo) and is always on. I want to add a couple of additional lighter sockets that are more easily accessible (I know i could have an extension from the original but wires are messy and easy to accidentally yank out and it would still be always on) for my phone charger, heated seat etc I'm thinking of sighting them in the hollow just below the gear stick (easy to wire into as I can remove the gear surround and get my hand in) - what do you think, a good place for them or too unsightly? Cheers
  13. Hi all Need to take off the gaiter surround on my 2008 facelift estate but finding it tricky to get it off and dont want to break anything trying.. Any advise which side to start on and procedure please? Many thanks