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  1. hi all, Today i replace the diaphram inside the cap of the pcv system of my 2007 2.5t mondeo. I didnt have any positive pressure at the dipstick or oil filler cap, but to be preventive i changed the diaphram (only 20 dollars). However installation was challenging due to limit space in the engine bay Now i doubt if the spring was 100% correctly seated. I have a nice slight vacuum at my oil filler cap (handglove test). Is there still change i screwed up? Or it the handglove test THE test ?
  2. I have another side note for my problem! When the engine is not fully warmed up the drive is much smoother. So when the car is fully warmed up, the drive is not smooth. Btw, when car is on ignition (not running) the etm is making a noise all the time. Is this normal? I already mechanically cleaned the etm
  3. Hi all, When driving my mondeo i experience that the car is very difficult to drive smooth when changing gears. I already fixed the acceleration shudder at 2500rpm by replacing the, maf,map,fps, boostsolenoid and new bosch sparkplug. Under acceleration that was an big improvement. Still the car is not smooth while changing gears ( the gearlever itself is very light and smooth). Now i noticed when car in neutral, and reving from idle slowly up to 3000rpm at 2200-2500rpm I feel a vibration in the whole car. Does this indicates more engine mounts or duall mass flyw
  4. Is the trottlebody part of the body module ? And does somebody know a bit more accurate were that earth point near de fuel tank is?
  5. Is the trottlebody part of the body module ?
  6. I get one fault code. B10CO FUEL pump power supply. Short circuit to battert. which i cannot explain. For this i checked all the wiringlooms in the engine compartment The trottlebody was cleaned with trottlebody cleaner the car runs much better than before the cleaning. I was very carefull not getting cleaner on the electronics. I also cleaned the maf by only spraying gentle on the sensor it self with the same trottlebody cleaner Startup and idle is always good. Maybe its better to replace the word hesitation with not beeing smooth. Before i replace the fp
  7. So i found my maf is making my ford mondeo 2.5t hesitate under light acceleration. I replaced the sensors: fuelpressure,map,boost solenoid. Additional i cleaned the trottlebody. When i drive with the maf disconnected the car runs much smoother, however less powerfull. The bosch oem maf cost 300euro. I can find hella for 150 or pierburg for 110euro. Does anybody got advice for me on this?
  8. Hi all, since 6 month i own a nice mondeo mk4 2.5t estate. In general i like the car a lot but i did had some electrical issues which i still didnt solve. I did found a lot of good stuff on this forum. 1. Interior light in the boot doesnt come on while the bulb lights when using the switch 2.heated front windscreen not working(proberly windscreen fault) 3. Heated seat not working drivers seat(proberly element fault). 4. The last one dates from only a week ago. The nx system doesnt start automatically anymore when car is put on contact. With pushing the volume button everyth
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