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  1. Hi - I just want to confirm which type of Powershift will be in my car, wet or dry clutch. Its a 2014 Focus with 1.6 Ti-VCT engine Thanks
  2. too large a drive maybe? I have seen mention of something like that on here somewhere!
  3. Hi my gear selector doesn't light up at night (ie the PRNDS bit) so its hard to see what position its in although there is an indication on the display next to the speedo / rev counter Should it light up, it did in my Astra and others cars I think?
  4. Fixed it!! Changed USB stick file format to FAT32 and it now plays - hurray!!
  5. I've got a pile of suggestions from the internet to try now: Try doing Menu/Sync Media/Media Menu/Play Menu/Select Source (from an American video, might not apply to my car) Try Master reset Try updating SYNC Try changing USB stick format to FAT32 (mine says it is NTFS curently) Try blowing canned air into the socket as it might have dust in as it is vertically mounted (hole pointing up) gonna try some of these this morning anyway!
  6. am I choosing the right option, I'm pressing the aux button on the Sony infotainment thing?
  7. still doesn't work, maybe you have to connect something that plays mp3 files like an mp3 player or a phone rather than just a USB stick?
  8. Aha that's great thanks I just thought I was missing something from the car I bought! I only got one key and no peg or that white tag thing. I'm paying £180 to a locksmith (NLS security, Newcastle) to get a 2nd key as it is!
  9. Hi - the stick is 8GB, I put the files in a folder called 'Music' though - I'll try putting them on just plain though (not in a folder)
  10. Hi (2014 Focus Titanium Navigator) I've put some music in MP3 files on a USB stick and plugged it into the USB port in the centre armrest. But even when I select Aux, the system doesn't find anything, can it not play MP3? I was led to believe you can plug in your own music. thanks
  11. Hi when I was test driving a 2015 Focus recently, in the bunch of keys there was a kind of white stick, a white plastic cylinder about the same length as a key fob - what on earth is it please?
  12. Thanks dezwez, I've got my car safely home now!
  13. Hi just joined here a few days ago as I'm buying a used Ford, my first! Its a 2014 Focus Mk3 Titanium Navigator Powershift. Getting it from an independent dealer in Middlesbrough, not much of a test drive and a bit vague on service history though, I hope it goes!! Tim
  14. Hi just buying my car this week, will it have stop start? Its a 2014/14 Focus Tit Nav Powershift 1.6 thanks