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  1. I think its works more off light deflection than moisture as it works perfectly when its snowing!
  2. Does the Mk3.5 surely not just have the same as the Mk3, ie 1 light each side of the boot? I'm thinking of doing the LED replacement on these as well myself
  3. Just wondering if there is a list of the messages that can come up on the display between the dials. I've seen warnings for all 5 doors and bonnet open, low battery in remote, brake lamp fault and low windscreen wash so far, just wonder what else are the joys to experience?!
  4. TimJ

    Air con *con* ?

    I have heard about Mk3 Focus being leaky. However this system didn't work even immediately after recharge, if it was a leakage it would surely work at first and then die down.
  5. TimJ

    Air con *con* ?

    I didn't get told the amounts. I'll have a look at the HP sensor thanks
  6. TimJ

    Air con *con* ?

    Yes, I've tried putting my hand right in front of the vents, but no cool air
  7. TimJ

    Air con *con* ?

    Yes the man said he'd put dye in. Paperwork was very skimpy and no guarantee was given.
  8. TimJ

    Air con *con* ?

    Hi its a 2014 car I just bought in January this year and its never worked for me yet, I just assumed gas had run out and I was going to regas in Spring although I've delayed with Corona. So I don't know if it was broken before or what. Yes, I'm familiar with the controls and have tried both the manual AC on/off button and the auto climate functions
  9. TimJ

    Air con *con* ?

    Hi I haven't got a thermometer but its same temp whether A/C is on or off and although it seems slightly cool, its the same temp as the air rushing by the open window.
  10. TimJ

    Air con *con* ?

    Yes, unsurprisingly after an 80 mile drive there's no difference. I've rung him back and he is going to discuss with me later today (it was a mobile guy unfort so I can't physically go and hang around somewhere til its done)
  11. Just had my air conditioning regassed / 'serviced' by a local Cool Car franchisee but it doesn't seem to be very cold at all. The visit started off very well with a friendly and seemingly knowledgable bloke and his assistant. They had a gas cylinder of refrigerant and another one to remove old gas, gauges, hoses and weighing scales to weigh the gas bottles (to see how much has gone in). However towards the end of the visit, the man said something like its not cold yet it takes a day or so, it needs to run around the system etc. Had a little drive for about 15 mins and it doesnt seem much if any colder than just air blown by a fan (I'll update after tomorrow after a decent drive anyway). Does it sound like I've been 'done'?
  12. Hi I'm not thinking of bothering upgrading (got Sync 1.1 with 5" non-touchscreen and happy with it), but why is it necessary to replace the USB / line in sockets in the armrest with a USB on its own in this process? Is it a better kind of USB socket?
  13. Hi I've had this same problem after having gearbox work done, I ticked the box for ambient again but it still doesn't work
  14. Some confusion here I think - Park Pilot is just the name that appears on the display when using the rear parking sensors (and maybe the front ones as well for those lucky few!) Park Assist is the self-parking system where it turns the steering wheel.
  15. It must be just the powershift that's left in the dark then, it does seem a bit strange when everything else lights up