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  1. Tyres on your Focus

    Michelin Primacy 3 for summer and Conti WinterContact 830 for winter...the last winter season for Contis, I guess I'll renew next year...
  2. Yeah, it's been a while. Still keeping the Foc.

  3. Summer Tyres Needed

    Hi mates, I need to replace my horrible factory fitted tyres - Michelin Pilot Primacy. Upon my research, I'm considering to buy Pirelli P7 Cinturato. What would you say? Actually I'm looking for a set of tyres with a good grip on wet and dry. Silence is another issue too.
  4. Wheel Alignment Values

    I'm gonna have the wheels checked and aligned this weekend. Does anyone have the original values for all wheels? Mine is a 2008 Focus 1.6 TDCI hatch.
  5. Wheel Alignment Values

    Allright, thanks again. :)
  6. Wheel Alignment Values

    My fellow mates, do these figures apply for the European models, am I correct?
  7. Wheel Alignment Values

    Thank you Clive and Phil..
  8. Planning to visit UK this summer...

  9. Poll on Fiesta Mk7 Colour Choice

    Well, white, moondust silver and the morello cherry color are popular here mostly.
  10. 1.6 Tdci Fuel Economy

    Evening all, Sorry my figures have to be metric. Please do the math.. ;) From the moment I bought the car, I was aware that it won't match the figures on the brochure - but I was really upset when it became real. On the motorway, around 120 km/h, I've never decreased the consumption below 5 lts/100km. And it can be up to 6.5 lts on average in city central. On a complete journey, I've never made up 1000 kms of a single tank - may be 750 kms or so. The air con is always on, for 4 seasons, I think that might have some effect.
  11. Still Not Liking Rear End ! Ideas ?

    Well, we all know that the first two and a half series were distinctive at the rear and in fact, it wouldn't bother many if it had stayed the same. Anyway, where I come from, when someone buys a new car, we cordially wish saying something equal to "May God make you drive safe, without accidents and the gaze of the evil eye". :) In short: Enjoy it.
  12. Mk2.5 Focus 2010 leaking

    Good to hear it's over. It took ages in mine to get rid of the horrible odor.
  13. Mk2.5 Focus 2010 leaking

    Hello all, I have a MK 2.5 and I encountered this problem. It was the passenger side instead. I took the car to the local dealer and they said some drain pipe or something had been blocked and told me they cleaned it. Then, I took the car to a Sonax service and made the upholstery dried and vacuumed.
  14. Leave of absence ends, back to work on Monday :(

  15. Dedicated work, meticulous architecture. I appreciate what you've done so far to your car - no matter what the tastes are.
  16. Help ! Removal And Fitting Of A Turbo

    Sure it is a delicate procedure. Would you consider having your car checked in a different garage? Maybe you just don't need to fully renew the whole system. But if this is more likely to happen, it would be commendable to leave it on professional hands - unfortunately along with the hefty price.
  17. Hello, It might be the Z-rods on the front axle - if especially produces a creaking noise on the corners. Also, have your struts checked. I had to renew the rear ones at 55.000 kms. They may leak oil or the upper mount bearings might have worn out.
  18. Wet Upholstery

    Hi mates, I took my Focus to the local car washer today and the guy showed the damp carpet on the passenger side. It's only half of the passenger footwell close to the seat base and the door sill but really wet enough and I wondered how and when this could happen. I tried to remove the dampness by using paper towel pieces and left the front right window a bit open. Any ideas what might it be? Would it be necessary to remove the whole upholstery?
  19. Wet Upholstery

    Well, I didn't ask, all I needed was a solution. But I think, whatever that part is, needs some maintenance as it may recur some time in the future.
  20. New Focus

    Watch your manners, be cool. I say no auto diesels for 1.6 TDCIs and there are no Sony audio fitted to Titanium cars imported here - which is not United Kingdom.
  21. Tomorrow is the election day...

  22. New Focus

    Well, the latest road-gripper has finally arrived to our dealers last May. My reviews are as follows: - Couldn't get to used to the rear lamps. It will take time or I'm never gonna like them at all. - It's somehow inspired by the first New-Edges Focus, which both share similar geometrical attributes in design. - The second generation was available in beige velour in the interior, but not in the newly arrived ones - country specifics may be? - I haven't test driven yet, but the car magazines' reviews say it's the ever quietest Focus and drives like a dream - again. - No Sony audio this time - not even in the Titaniums. - And still no auto-diesels. I miss the good all days when 7-speed CVT equipped 1.6 TDCIs were available.
  23. Ford Focus Turbo Problem?

    Have the turbo pipe checked, mate. Mine was replaced under warranty twice in just two regular visits.
  24. Wet Upholstery

    cress, jeebo and catch, thank you for your replies.. Last weekend I took the car to a local garage (not the official dealer). The mechanic spent a couple of hours to fix the problem, however, he was unable at the end. Then a fews day later, without using the air-con I left the car to the nearest dealer, and they found out that it's the drain pipe or some canal-like structure had been blocked by dirt and grime, and the solution was to clean it. That evening, I took the car to a Sonax service and made the front upholstery dried and vacuumed thoroughly. No fee charged in the dealer, and just 20 pounds in Sonax...
  25. Wet Upholstery

    Well, I haven't. It seems intact and firm to me, though. Roof lining is fine. And the repeaters are on the door mirrors, not on the fenders.