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  1. Hey I have a 2011 fiesta 1.4 Euro5 KVJA having some actuator faults just wondering if anyone can tell me if my pipe works set up correctly. just had a new engine fitted
  2. Thank you for your reply but I was asking for the legalities as I knew that it was doable, the facelift is the same body so it’s like big boys Lego swapping the parts haha
  3. Thanks for your help, and I don’t hate it I just don’t enjoy it as much as the facelift version haha. Loads to come soon I will be documenting the switch
  4. I put in an offer for a 2011 mk7 fiesta because it’s a good car and a good deal but I’m not kean on the out dated looking front end. I want to buy mk7.5 body panels to modernise the car and replace the headlights too, I know it’s do able but is it legal? If anyone knows, I’ve searched online and can’t find anything on it. I’m just curious because it’s illegal to have a newer private reg plate on a old car, so surely there must be something about making your car look like a newer model, no?