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  1. downloading it direct from ford each time. trying again but downloading direct to usb drive and the unzipping to another drive. see if that works.
  2. Now get error PKG_Err03 straight after pressing yes. phoning the number on the screen. See below
  3. spent 4 days on this and tried everyones suggestions. This cant be a problem on 4 computers, 1 phone and 1 tablet. even tried using internet connection on tablet plugged into the unit still does not work.
  4. tried all the above. just wont unzip or copy the file. error on file tried everything now and get the same message on the same file whether extracting copy on any computer or device. will contact ford now and see if they can find out the error on the file is.
  5. tried that redownloaded and run winzip see below to what I get. Extracting file: C:\Users\jaymp\OneDrive\Desktop\New folder\ Extracting to "H:\" Use Path: yes Overlay Files: no Extracting DONTINDX.MSA Extracting SyncMyRide\HB5T-14G386-THA.tar.gz Extracting SyncMyRide\HB5T-14G386-TBB.tar.gz Extracting SyncMyRide\JR3T-14G391-AE.tar.gz ******* SyncMyRide\JR3T-14G391-AE.tar.gz: Invalid compressed data to extract. Extracting SyncMyRide\JR3T-14G381-AS.tar.gz Extracting SyncMyRide\JR3T-14G423-AB.tar.gz Extracting SyncMyRide\HB5T-14G387-AAB.tar.gz Extracting SyncMyRide\GB5T-14G386-AB.tar.gz Extracting autoinstall.lst Severe Error: Compressed data is invalid. We have also tried this on 4 different computers and tried using chrome, internet explorer and firefox browsers to download file. We can't have the same problem on different computers.
  6. the file in question wont even copy over. when you download the sync software update. it downloads as a zip file that then has to be unzipped on to a usb drive. there is a file in the package that wont copy over. get a windows error message. 0x80004005. 8 out the 9 files transfer fine. file in question is JR3T-14G391-AE.tar
  7. I have downloaded sync 3 update and seems to be no errors but when I unzip it (tried using various zip programs) I get an error message at 3%. which is the file JR3T-14G391-AE.tar. no matter what I do it will not unzip. all other files are ok.