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  1. I love bikes, been riding since i was 9 years old, i have had all sorts of bikes but my fav was my GSX750, totally mental bike.
  2. I have never done it before but then again never spent so much money on a car before. This time i took out 4 year gap insurance as it's peace of mind.
  3. It's Agate black which is a nice black.
  4. Well i picked up mt ST-3 this morning and wow i love it. I have hooned it a few times in sport mode just to see but going to be sensible until she has been run in properly . But now 60 miles on the clock and had a smile every mile.
  5. I and thinking of a couple of upgrades when i pick up my ST-3. A Mountune intake and Milltek exhaust, would this be a good combination.
  6. I use Autoglym snow foam and then Meguiars Gold class car shampoo, works a treat every time. But when i can't be arsed there is a brilliant hand car wash guy near me.
  7. Would my ST-3 run better on higher octane fuel than 91, if so can you notice the difference as the price for higher octane fuel is quite a lot.
  8. Afternoon all, my name is John and today i found my mojo when i bought a new Fiesta ST-3 which i pick up next Saturday. Hoping to find similar people who love to drive.