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  1. now i just need to fix the cylinder to turn with my key but that i Can do without Any Kodi nox stress
  2. We’ve had a 63 plate one since 2015, still got it now. Was my first car I learnt to drive in - I’ve not got an ST but we still have the Zetec and I do enjoy driving that too. You’ll find that these cars (Fiestas) are absolutely everywhere, there’s a reason for that - they’re great! Cheap to run - ours says average 42mpg over the time we’ve had it, it’s had zero issues of breaking down or anything like that. Only thing we’ve had to do on it other than regular servicing and MOT is new brakes a couple months ago, but Nox Vidmate VLC they’re consumables so that’s to expect on any car. It’s a small car, so not the best for backseat passengers but for two people it’s perfectly fine, easy to park too and visibility is great. They have heated windscreens as standard which is incredible for the winter months - you don’t realise how much you appreciate it until you jump in an icy car without it and wait ages for the front screen to defrost. They handle really well, and are much more enjoyable to drive compared to the likes of a Corsa and polo.
  3. Hi guys help needed,purchased a 2014 st two days ago and thought all was well until today when it started raining and I realised there’s no power to the front and rear wipers and no power to the washer this a simple fix or could it be a expensive problem? scrabble word finder
  4. welcome Tutuapp 9apps Showbox
  5. welcome Sarkari Result Pnr Status
  6. welcome and happy new year