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  1. Thanks for the reply. I test drove a Golf yesterday and the Polos dont really appeal to me, but I've always known Golfs to be very reliable, which I'll keep in mind
  2. Thanks for the feedback, this has been very helpful. This was the only problem I had, as I have no worry of buying a 1.0 Turbo Ecoboost but obviously heard bad stuff saying that after the warranty ended they weren't safe. And no,fuel economy isn't a problem for as I will defo be making th most out of it.
  3. Hello, looking to buy a Zetec S Red Edition in the upcoming week and have a question to ask because I have mixed opinions. I am getting the 1.0T Ecoboost (wont be able to get insured on a 1.6) however I have seen people not trusting Ford's Ecoboost due to a coolant problem causing overheating and possible fires and cylinder heads breaking. The end solution being they just replace the entire engine after the warranty has ended. Are they really reliable and is it worth getting this or swapping out for some like a Golf or something? Any feedback is appreciated, and I'm getting a Zetect S and not an ST is because they are 1.6 and I will not be able to get insured on one lol
  4. 1 needs to be the same size otherwise insurance, 2 they just look horrid and 3 thats such a boomer thing 😂 joking
  5. I'll wait til they arrive then, cheers.
  6. Just had a look at my car and sort of measured it, they would be just be in line with the wheel arch as mine at the moment are far in so i might be okay
  7. Hello, I currently have a Ford Fiesta mk6 Flame which needs new alloys, in this case I have bought after market ones. They have all of my spec, I have bought the right size and stuff except for one thing, but they have confirmed that it will be okay for my car, however my old alloys had an offset of 47 and these new ones have an offset of 38. I have done some reading but I would like to make sure it will not be major. The wheels might stick out a bit but there shouldn't be any problems right? Any feedback is appreciated
  8. Thanks for all the feedback, for some reason I didn't get notifications for this topic but still managed to replace my bumper after eventually finding a video on it. Took around 4 hours but was worth it.
  9. Hey. Just bought a new front bumper for my Fiesta Mk6 Flame because my one currently is knackered. Does anyone have a manual or anything on how to remove the front bumper and fit a new one? Because I'd rather try to learn to do it myself then pay for someone to do it for me. Looked across the internet but not finding much. Any feedback is much appreciated
  10. Definitely the smoked type, they look a lot nicer. I was going to get my front calipers painted red and my rear drum brakes silver, but my friend refused to do them as they do it badly and after a month the paint wears off so I'm going to get them done professionally. Or just get actual red calipers XD
  11. Bought some wind deflectors, now just the side repeaters
  12. I finally found the answer. The Fiesta Flame was a special edition IIRC. The car was based on a Zetec but have has one or two extras over a zetec and a metalic paint colour thrown into the price.
  13. Hey, how much would the spoiler that Lenny recommended affect my insurance? I looked but couldn’t find much
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm going to get my side repeaters changed, buy some wind deflectors, get my rear brake drums painted silver and have my front calipers painted red. Not going to get lowered springs or a rear spoiler yet just because of insurance, even though I would like to.