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  1. Hello, I imagine this topic has been talked about many times however I just wanted to ask is there anything important to know before doing a backbox delete on my Fiesta Red Edition. People have said about using something called Exhaust Paste and stuff like that and I'm not too sure if I need it or not. If there's any other tips and tricks I should know apart from the standard procedure please leave me some feedback. Many thanks!
  2. I'd say because most of the people here don't take long journeys, but I'm pretty dead here XD The younger like car noises, I know I do. Even the little "sssss" from the turbo of my Red Edition makes me happy. On top of that people just like modifying and letting their cars talk the talk and not just walk the walk. I get why some people wouldn't like it though, its nice to have a quiet drive especially when its everyday and your travelling from say London to somewhere like Folkstone or Dymchurch. But me personally I don't mind loud cars, as long as its not something breaking or already broken. I don't get the people who get Pop and Bang maps as loud as they can and tear through neighbourhoods being an inconvenience, theres a time and place for that stuff like track events and such. Anyway there's my opinion, have a nice day lol
  3. Hello mate, just coming back to this as its getting close to the time of getting on. Just wanted to say thanks a lot, as well as the other people who gave answers, always wondered why some people have inductions kits under the headlight and now I know lol. Im stuck between these two, I can't find any videos on the Pumaspeed Gemini one. Wanted to ask on your opinions: Pumaspeed Gemini: https://pumaspeed.co.uk/product-Pumaspeed-Racing-Gemini-V3-Induction-Kit-Fiesta-Mk7-10-Ecoboost_19402.jsp&pic=6 R-Sport Stage 3: https://pumaspeed.co.uk/product-R-Sport-Fiesta-Mk7-10-EcoBoost-Stage-3-Full-Induction-Kit_16822.jsp I am planning to get a Stage 1 remap on 1.0L Red Edition as well later on in the year. Many thanks!
  4. To answer this, the problem I had with my alarm constantly going off was because the bonnet latch was faulty. The bonnet latch is detected by the alarm and if the connection is not secure it will go off. I tested this by taking it out for a drive, and I had a constant warning notification saying the bonnet was open even though it was shut. I took it to Ford and they just replaced it, back to normal. During the time I disconnected the battery at night to stop the alarm going off until it was ready to go to Ford.
  5. "Yeah does it make a difference in bhp?" Company: "Yeah its measurable" "By how much?" Company: "0.0001 bhp, which is extremely beneficial"
  6. I know that there are Forge and Airtec that people decide on but mixed opinions on both. It either one is louder or one looks nicer. And yeah its only like what miniscule bhp increase but its makes the engine look nicer, just gotta find one that sounds nice too
  7. I've been looking at induction kits recently for my Fiesta mk7.5 1.0 Ecoboost red edition, and have a few in mind but have heard mixed opinions about, or is it even worth it? I have looked at Forge and Airtec kits but don't know any others. I want something that can be heard and can benefit a bit of performance (which I know is minuscule anyway) Any help is appreciated.
  8. I didn't know whether to post this here or in the Fiesta Club forum but here seems more suitable. I've wanted to get some bits and bobs for the back of my Fiesta Mk7.5 1.0L Ecoboost and found this diffuser/fins on a few of them. I can't anywhere to buy it, does anyone know who sells it or something similar? Many thanks!
  9. Have a look around Autobeam, they do a bunch of different lights for different purposes Might have to do your own research on what kind of lights your looking for (e.g. halogen, LED, etc)
  10. Might be better to put it in the Focus Forum instead of introductions
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