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  1. Definitely the smoked type, they look a lot nicer. I was going to get my front calipers painted red and my rear drum brakes silver, but my friend refused to do them as they do it badly and after a month the paint wears off so I'm going to get them done professionally. Or just get actual red calipers XD
  2. Bought some wind deflectors, now just the side repeaters
  3. I finally found the answer. The Fiesta Flame was a special edition IIRC. The car was based on a Zetec but have has one or two extras over a zetec and a metalic paint colour thrown into the price.
  4. Hey, how much would the spoiler that Lenny recommended affect my insurance? I looked but couldn’t find much
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm going to get my side repeaters changed, buy some wind deflectors, get my rear brake drums painted silver and have my front calipers painted red. Not going to get lowered springs or a rear spoiler yet just because of insurance, even though I would like to.
  6. Had another look, the only thing I can find is that it was a limited edition, but the only difference is that it says Flame on the back. And there's nothing about it on Wiki apart from other models like the STs And not too sure about changing the springs, but lowering them I might ask a friend about.
  7. Beneficial then, thanks. Also, this is probably a really stupid question but what's the difference with a Fiesta Flame? I know with stuff with Zetec, ST and stuff but it wasn't until I got the car I heard of Flame. And also when I search for stuff I can't find anything unless I put MK6 XD
  8. Well for me, it was better to get new insurance instead of paying 18 hundred quid a year XD
  9. Thanks for the feedback. That was my first thought of getting some Wind Deflectors, to me its a small but nice add on. I've only just changed the wipers because the original were rusty and just sounded horrible when suing them, they're now silent and work well About the indicator lights on the side, will think about because now that I notice it it does look a bit odd with the orange on the black XD if I'm making sense
  10. I'm new here so if this is the wrong topic then I'll remove it. Have had a MK6 Ford Fiesta Flame, 1.4 Petrol, for the last 6 months and I kind of want to do some stuff do it. Thing is though, I'm not a big car person XD most of my family and friends are but I'm the odd one out so I don't know as much. And I've just got new insurance and a black box fitted.....unfortunately....but meh Some of my friends want to do stuff to it as well because they know its an old car, so if anyone can give me a starting point I'll be very thankful. 😄 Any feedback is appreciated.