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  1. To my knowledge, my 2020 my Fiesta that is UK supplied has Sync 2.5. The UK brochure only says Sync 3 once you have Nav, the non Nav models just say "Ford SYNC with 8" Touchscreen, DAB Radio, Emergency Assistance, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, 2 x USB sockets & 6 speakers" Nav models have 7 speakers so are different hardware.
  2. This week’s Wheeler Dealers Ant describes VANOS. Is that VCT?
  3. Interestingly the only Fiesta engines that quote Ti VCT are non turbo ones.
  4. Sorry the Ford engines are Ti-VCT apparently Twin Independent Variable Cam Timing
  5. Once the engine was in the Ka+ (2016-18) the 1.2 Engine in either 70 or 85ps was VCT. I assumed this was the same engine as the Fiesta 1.25 engine. Being thick, what advantage does 2nd profile give over independent rotation? I assumed variable timing would be more advanced as it has many options rather than just 2.
  6. I thought the normally aspirated 1.1 and the old 1.25 were VCT engines, not sure about the 1.0 Ecoboost. Are they not like a VTEC or a Toyota VVT?
  7. Kental

    poor mpg?

    1.1 Tend. 43.3mpg average on Fuely mainly local running. Best tank 48.9mpg on a return run to Nottinghamshire from Kent. Trip computer is within 1 mpg. Only got 1000 miles on clock so will hopefully improve as the car loosens up and the weather wams up.
  8. Sorry I meant online playlists, the ones that are in your apple music collection but not downloaded to the phone. Having all the music on the phone helps as not only does it reduce data use while in use, but it reduces the need to buffer so songs start faster and you can also listen to music if you are in an area of weak signal. The Fiesta doesn't help signal as the heated windscreen does a bit of a job shielding the signal. As our car is a non Nav one, CarPlay is great as it also beings live navigation apps. If you prefer the Ford system, you can plug your phone into the USB slot, turn off CarPlay and still have access to all the Playlists, Albums etc through the browse function. I think the Ford media system has larger album art than CarPlay.
  9. The flip side is, they are covered by warranty then.
  10. I fairness I mainly use CarPlay, and that allows the offline playlists. By using Siri (works over Bluetooth) can you force the phone to play the other playlists?
  11. I didn’t think album artwork works over Bluetooth. Ford Sync is one of the few systems that allow you to select playlists or albums when on Bluetooth. If you have the song within your Apple lists you can stream it even if you haven’t got it physically downloaded to your phone.
  12. The LED panel will be the same used in higher trim levels and the way to toggle it is a button on the end of the wiper control (I think) on mk 7 Fiestas. If you dont have that control you can't access the trip computer.
  13. Michelin do state that their tyres are specifically designed to perform well all the way to the wear limiters. Especially with winter & all season tyres they are far better in tests compared to rival manufacturers when less than 3mm
  14. The volumes the manufacturer are buying makes it viable for them to have more specific tyres for each car. A tyre wholesaler has to have available tyres for a myriad of different cars it is easier for them to stock the highest rating as it fits more cars. To my knowledge the tyre pressure sticker in the door shut shows what speed rating for each tyre size is acceptable. Any speed rating above that is allowed. If you have winter tyres fitted, if you have a sticker or an electronic limiter you can sometimes fit one grade below the manufacturers specified tyres.
  15. WLTP has meant nearly all variations need testing, so by making either a standard car or an lux pack (for instance) you have 2 versions. If the lux pack includes 4 items, then that is at least 20 different combinations if the options are sold separately. It also makes stock & manufacturing easier to manage. Oh they can charge more too, but surely that isn't the reason.