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  1. They are usually on the boot floor, these are up nearer the parcel shelf.
  2. Just a quick question. In the manual it says for emergency assist to be active the mobile phone has to be Bluetooth enabled. If you connect to Apple CarPlay it disconnects the bluetooth & uses the direct connection for phone calls. I assume this disables the Emergency Assist then. My Fiesta has Sync 3 but no embedded modem.
  3. I have the app on both my phone & the wife's. I'll give it a go on my phone tonight.
  4. Prior to the Fiesta, we had a 18 plate Ka+ that had a Hill Assist error & it took the garage a couple of visits to get to the bottom of. It was eventually diagnosed to the wiring loom behind the glovebox.
  5. Do you only get the oil life etc with a modem equipped car or does connecting to Apple CarPlay also download the info to Ford Pass?
  6. Ah the other reason for the odd jump in figures is Ford may not have got around to retesting all possible my2020 combinations. Until the specific version has been tested the old figures will stand. If your current car is a 2018 it maybe an NDEC measured car whereas any current car will be WLTP measured so explaining the increase in the CO2 of the new one. According to the brochure (earlier WLTP) the 140 Fiesta on 17" rims was between 112 & 118 g/km dependent on trim / configuration. On the change from NDEC to WLTP the 1.1 85ps went from 101 g/km to 114 g/km. The current 75ps one is back down to 102 g/km so no idea what they've done there.
  7. The big difference for a 1 inch wheel jump could be that ultra low rolling resistance tyres are not available in that size so the emissions increase because of that. Also spec wise, according to the brochure, the Trend has electric rear windows, the Titanium does not!!! Fords specifications do not all make sense!!!
  8. I find they are too low for standard shopping bags, tried them yesterday and the bags just slipped off if full, so perhaps more useful for takeaways
  9. Ours is a my2020 1.1 85ps. Our car was built October 19 so is after the current online brochure my2019.75, but before the current pricelist. Other changes according to the Jan 20 pricelist, but not reflected on our car, are embedded modem even without Nav (assuming for the current EU rules for Emergency Calling) and LED signature rear lights, ours just has the filament ones. Even the Trend is stated as having Selectable Drive Modes. Also with the comfort pack & for models further up the range the leather steering wheel is now described as Sensico rather than leather. Possibly to make the car Vegan acceptable. All the Emissions have dropped quite noticeably, perhaps the now standard drive modes now start the car in Eco so effectively just an artificial reduction.
  10. Only got 96 miles on so far so not really able to tell yet. Not any quicker than the 1.2 Ka+ when we test drove a 1.1 Zetec, but it is so much smoother. The wife was able to rev to the red line while still having some mechanical sympathy. In the Ka+ that was not the case.
  11. Here’s our nice and shiny Fiesta 1.1 Trend in Agate Black with City Pack. Very happy with it. Only real shame is the plastic steering wheel, but for the deal we got it had to be a stock car & the city pack was a deal breaker so it was effectively that car or nothing. After our previous 18 plate Ka+ 85ps (also with city pack) it is very smooth & refined, not that the Ka+ was bad, far better than our daughter’s Peugeot 108. Getting used to the Sync 3 and I have to admit the sound is pretty good even on the basic system. Once we get some more miles under its belt we will report back.
  12. Is that Agate or Shadow Black. We picked up our 1.1 Trend today in Agate Black and it looks very smart, but much slower than yours!!!!!
  13. When we test drove the 1.1 it was Zetec Nav & the Nav got us stuck in a horrible traffic jam that Waze would have avoided so Apple CarPlay on the 8" screen will be fine. Both my current car and my last car have had built in Nav, but have mainly used CarPlay anyway.
  14. Typical, the car turned up today & is exactly as expected. I only quickly saw it in the dark tonight, the wife is collecting it tomorrow while I am out, but it has the LED halo DRLs and filament rear lights. It has 8" non Nav Sync 3 but it all looks very smart. I'll see it in the light on Sunday so if she lets me I'll get some pictures.
  15. Is this doable with the steering wheel insitu, or do you have to disable the airbag & remove the wheel?