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  1. Hi, I have a 66 plate Focus Titanium X. The Driver's side door mirror has a line down the face of the mirror about 40mm from the edge. This line shows where the blind spot of overtaking other cars is. This line is not on the passenger door mirror. On my last focus which was a 65 plate Titanium this line was on both the driver's and the passenge'rs door mirror. Anybody any ideas whether the missing line on present car's passenger mirror is a wrongly fitted part at the Ford factory ?
  2. Entertainment not working

    Thank you both for your reply. Funnily when I got in the car today the radio came on. Strange eh. I hate intermittent faults.
  3. Entertainment not working

    Hi, I've a Focus Titanium 2016 and upon entering the car, switching the engine on, the radio wouldn't automatically come on as it usually does. On the display screen it says the entertainment is switched off. I've touched the on/off icon on the screen but it just will not come on. I have also noticed that the speak switch for Bluetooth voice control does not work either. Any ideas what could be causing these problems please.
  4. Ford Focus Titanium 2015 Extra Options

    Cheers Wes when I am nearing the time for changing I will try Car Wow online.
  5. Ford Focus Titanium 2015 Extra Options

    I will be buying from Ford dealer in Stafford. I work at Land rover Solihull so will get discounts with Privilege scheme. So am not sure if Car Wow accommodate this.
  6. I am in the process of purchasing a new Ford Focus Titanium and am in the browsing stage at the moment. I would like privacy glass and foldable door mirrors which are extra options. The privacy glass is covered in the Appearance pack 1. I noticed the foldable door mirrors are part of Appearance Pack 2, but it is quite expensive with the other items in this pack. Does anyone know if the foldable door mirrors can be purchased as an additional option on their own. Much appreciated.
  7. Engine Cover

    Thank you Mike77 and Stoney871 for your quick responses. Perhaps I was imagining it.
  8. Engine Cover

    Hi, I have a Fiesta 1.4 petrol 59 plate. The car recently went in for repair after an accident. While it was in I had it serviced and MOT'd. After a few weeks after receiving the car back I lifted the bonnet and noticed that the engine cover was missing. I phoned the garage and informed them about this and they said they would investigate. They said that after phoning several garages they was told that Ford don't actually fit covers to this model and year Fiesta. I can't swear to it but I'm sure there was a cover fitted. Can anyone with a 59 plate 1.4 petrol Fiesta have a look under the bonnet and put my mind at rest as to whether an engine cover is fitted or not. Most appreciated.
  9. Ignition Problem

    So if the key and barrel are doing there job, what is preventing the key from turning from position 2 to 3 and starting the engine ?
  10. Rear & Front screen heater

    Yes I agree a good and useful idea, to a point!!! Personally I only switch on the screen heaters when needed, ie when screens are misted up or frozen over. So if you've been on a long drive for instance, stop the car, get in it again shortly afterwards, I find there is no need for the screen heaters to come on if the screens are clear even if the frost light is on. Just my opinion anyway.
  11. Rear & Front screen heater

    Funnily enough I only noticed this too myself the other day. I noticed that the rear screen heater comes on when the ignition key is turned to the stage 1 prior to the engine starting. But the Front screen heater comes on only when the engine is started. I must say that this does seem strange to me.
  12. Rear & Front screen heater

    Cheers rickyp at least somebody else is experiencing the same thing so I'm not on my own then. Perhaps it is designed to do it below a certain temperature !!!!!!
  13. Rear & Front screen heater

    Hi I am a relatively newby and would like to ask an opinion from anybody kind enough to listen. I have a 57 plate Focus Zetec. I have noticed, with the weather being so cold lately that when I turn the ignition key to start the engine, sometimes the rear and/or front screen heater comes on without me actually pressing the switches (the switches are illuminated). It doesn't always do it and it seems to only do it when it is cold. I was just wondering if it happens to anyone else? Is it something that happens automatically in the cold? (thermostat or something) Or is it a fault with the switches? If it is a fault it's going to be very hard to get rectified as it does't happen all the time. These intermittent faults are always a swine to locate and rectify. Much appreciated for any opinions.
  14. Water temperature gauge

    Thank you all for your opinions. I agree that a warning light may be sufficient but I have just got in the habit with recent cars to just casually glance at the temp gauge occasionally to check and be assured that water is ok albeit providing the gauge is working properly.
  15. Water temperature gauge

    Hi everyone and a happy new year to you all. I was driving my wifes new fiesta the other night, admiring the lovely instrument panel and I suddenly realised there is no water temperature gauge. I have a focus myself and it does have one. Is this just a cost cutting excercise by Ford? or is it hidden somewhere on the dash? I would have thought that the temp gauge was an important thing to have so it seems strange if it has been omitted.