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  1. i want a Mondeo 2.2 ST TDCI for christmas please, Thank You

  2. Hi guys, I'm currently driving a Focus Ghia 1.8TDCI 115BHP, i am now looking at the Mondeo 2.2 ST TDCI 155BHP. I know its a common failing fault with the dual mass flywheel on the TDCI's engines. What if anything do i need to look out for when buying a mondeo, common faults/ issues? Many Thanks In advance Damien
  3. Tdci 1.8 & Wynns Egr Cleaner

    Hi Guys, very useful information, however i need a bit cleared up, i have just spent 500 notes on a Inlet manifold and EGR Valve as it was all glogged up, and the car wouldnt tick over. my car a 2003 1.8 TDCI Mk1.5, i want to keep on top of cleaning the EGR Valve but looking at the above threads it all relates to a newer focus and the old TDDI engine. How do i go about cleaning the EGR Valve on mine? Any help would be apreciated. Cheers Damien
  4. Hi Folks, I am in need of some advice, Last Tuesday 10.30 AM car started fine no issues, parked it back on the drive around 3pm, i wanted to go out around 8pm and the car would not start for love or money. it goes to start however it would not turn over, the starter motor is going and going, i thought it would be a glow plug issue due to the temp dropping quite low, so i depressed the gas to the floor and still no luck, there is a trickle of white smoke coming from the back of the exhaust which would tell me fuel is going through the engine. I had it recovered to a mechanic and he has said it is "fuel pressure related" fuel pump/ fuel regulator. i dont understand how it can go from working in perfect order hours before, and then this. Any one have any ideas? Im stressed to the max with this....! if these are not working is it a simple fix or not? any ideas what could of caused this? the car was working fine with no issues previously... gggrrr Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Damien
  5. Hi Peeps, So i get a good deal on 4 195/60/R15 88H Continental Premuim Contact 2's decide to let the garage do a oil change and fuel filter change. I supplied all the parts and put in some castrol magnatec. Anyway.. The Conti's Go on fine all balenced however i opted for 4 wheel alignment. The wheel alignment go's ok on the front however the rear left wont do a thing, the bolt sits there while the washer which is supposed to stay in place, goes round and round. There fore the left Rear wheel is plus 7!!! Would this have a effect on the steering as this is out of place, even thou the front alignment is bang on?? The steering wheel to drive straight must be angled about 10% to the right, if i put the steering wheel in the straight position, i drive towards the left. Would the rear left wheel not being aligned cause me to drive pulling towards the left? I have located the part i need from ford the bolt kit, for wheel alignment rear price 15 quid not to bad. Ford Focus Mk1.5 1.8 TDCI 115BHP Any Help Would Be Apreciated....
  6. Tdci Sticker

    Thanks Chaps, apreciate the advice, i am only putting one under my 3rd break light which has the FOCUS cover on it. i think i will look different to all focus's or i may put them both in my rear quarters each side.. thanks guys ;-)
  7. Tdci Sticker

    Hi Guys I have recently Purchased A TDCI Sticker, link below.. I just want some advice on how to fit without no bubbles or creases, any tips??? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Etched-window-decal-stickers-suit-ford-TDCI-/110629800990?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item19c20ccc1e Thanks Damien
  8. Focus Engine Fans

    Hi Guys sorry its been a while for me to reply. the aircon is not switched on, its neither on the screen setting. where about is the temp sensor, and what will this do if i unplug it? will this diagnose the problem if so how would i know? This all all started were by i had my aircon re-gassed and the sircon still doesnt work, i believe there is not leak with the system due to this being pressure tested. do you think there is a link between the two? the aircon compressor when switched on, does engage as you can here it, but then nothing happens, the revs fluctuate, as it is trying to engage the aircon. Cheers Damien
  9. Focus Engine Fans

    Hi all, 2003 53 1.8 TDCI GHIA 115 BHP 77K. I can leave the car all night, or for 3 days locked and on my drive. The minute i get into it and turn it over the Engine Fans are constantly Whirring away, its a cold engine surely this is not right? I can drive at any speed and the fans are always on? All fuses and relays have been swapped over from a 52 plate focus 1 by one to diagnose that out of the picture and no avail. Any idea's Peeps Thank you & Merry Christmas LOL Damien
  10. Ford 3 Button

    Hi I have the Master Key, with the Blue chip on the top and the standard 3 button remote key. I am trying to code a new ford 3 button flip key. on my previous car a focus 1.6 zetec X reg, i coded a jaguar key 1st into that with out any issues. The new ford 3 button flip key, is coding with the central locking so i can lock and unlock all of the doors/boot, and use the global function for the windows. it just wont code to immobiliser. The new ford 3 button flip key was previously used on a ford focus 57 plate i believe, i bought this off ebay complete with the key attachment, however i discarded this and bought a modified "Tibbe" key to fit with the flip. Any ideas and your help is much appreciated Damien
  11. Ford 3 Button

    Hi Guys, I do have the master key present and a standard 3 button remote, i am coding it in the right way however it really doesnt seem to register, i have followed the ford manual direct as anything. I have previsouly coded a jaguar kay into my zetec before my tdci gear and that worked perfectly.. this just seems a little strange... cheers for your help thou guys Damien
  12. Ford 3 Button

    Hi All Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI Ghia 2003 52 Plate I'm Having trouble coding a 3 Button Flip Key into the Immobilisor. I can code it so it unlocks/ locks all doors and the boot however i can not code it to start the car. i have done what it states to do in the manual. Insert KEY A to position 2 and remove then Insert KEY B to position 2 and remove then Insert The uncoded key in the ignition to position 2. however nothing happens i cannot start the car, the key works fine e.g when i split the key so i have just the KEY not the remote and put it in the ignition it turns and starts the car when i put the original key near the immobilsor. any ideas folks??? Cheers Damien
  13. 1.8 Tdci 115Bhp - Mk 1.5

    Hi All Tyres are the issue here. 195 60 R15 88V - Is This The Correct Size For My Car? What is the best tyres for the car? Opinions Please. Thank You :)
  14. show off your 5 door foci!!!

    Hi Guys and Girls My Focus Is Nothing Special Like Above However Just Thought Id Show My Appearence With My TDCI Ghia ;-) Damien
  15. Ford Focus Mk1.5 1.8 Tdci

    Thanks Guys I appreciate your time I guess that your right, wear and tear with more miles on the clock it would have an effect I just thought it would be less of a effect than 10/11 MPG, in all fairness that is a awful lot. in regards to fuel we both use the same, yes i know i really shouldnt but we both use "supermarket" fuel, Asda/Tesco etc. Driving style as I'm 21 year old, I should be the one with the heavy foot ha ha, and lower MPG but I am no boy racer, niether is my old man. How do you go about changing the Fuel filter in these is it a complicated job, can I do it myself?? Regards Damien