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  1. Have a look at the thread. It points to a bad wire going to the throttle body. P02E4 fault code
  2. If the temperature goes high straight away when the ignition is turned on it could be a faulty sensor or possibly a bad wire. Unplug the sensor connector and connect it to a new one. Turn the ignition on and the temperature should read low. If it does then put the new sensor in the car, needs a 19mm spanner, do not over tighten it. Change it when the engine us cold. If the new sensor reads high it could be a broken wire of poor connection. A bad sensor reading high will make starting the car difficult.
  3. This might help found on the web for ford 09 1.6 tdci stop dead on road with a code p0698 Expert: Gallagher99 replied 6 years ago. Hi there ,good evening to you Ok this fault code is a reference voltage short circuit code In my experience of this 1.6 dv6 Varient I would suspect a faulty EGR valve (shorted internally ) This is most commonly caused by moisture ingress into the electronics internal of the valve When the short happens it shuts down every PCM 5 volt reference feed on the vehicles engine management system These sensors include the fuel rail pressure sensor /map sensor etc If you dissconnect the EGR electrical multiplug the vehicle should start The EGR valve is located at the passengers rear of the engine bay under the scuttle panel area
  4. You say the hpfp is not the problem. If it is faulty it can allow bleed back into the low pressure line. You could insert a one way valve into the low pressure line to stop air getting into the line. Can you take the injectors out and fire them onto a piece of paper to check the spray pattern? If the injectors are not firing the hpfp might be the problem.
  5. Buy an obd2 code reader to check for stored codes. It might be tye fuel filter needs changing.
  6. You might need to cut the spanner in half to get it to fit
  7. Andy Yes. I get water collecting on top of the struts around the top nuts. It's not caused any issues, but I do clean it out sometimes and spray on some wd40.
  8. Hi Michael Yes. I had this eac intermittent for 4 years on my fiesta. Changed lots of bits and nearly scrapped it. Fault was due to the throttle position sensor connector having dirty contact pins. Lift the connector red tab up with a screwdriver and disconnect the connector from the base. Pull the connector off and spray the pins with contact cleaner. It's difficult to get to with your hands and is under the inlet manifold, see pics. Use 2 screwdrivers to get it off. The car will run like new when the connector pins are cleaned. Do not touch the connector pins or they will bend, just spray cleaner on them.
  9. Most likely the high pressure fuel pump. It generates these fail codes. It could be the pump in the tank, but more likely the hp one. One from ebay would be cheaper than a ford part.
  10. Foyzul Buy an obd2 code reader and plug it in. See if there are any error codes in the memory. I use ancel ad410, which tells me useful things about how my car is running. Check short term fuel trim STFT, should be 0, long term fuel trim LTFT should be 0. Check O2 sensors. It runs engine checks and let's you know things are working OK. Check the basics, is the air fikter clean, is the oil clean, etc.
  11. The alternator might have had a bad diode that was leaking current. It's good to know that you've fixed it. It might have been possible to put the current clamp around the b+ red wire and check for leakage with the ignition off. I think it should be a few mA for the alternator with good diodes, but not sure what the exact values should be.
  12. Buy an obd2 code reader and plug it in. You can read the stored eml error codes, which will tell you what caused the problem. I use ancel ad410 and forescan, both are good. Forescan needs additional kit to work. Bad coil packs could cause this. Hope it fixes it.
  13. Last time they serviced it what else was changed. If anything else was changed it might be related to the problem. Air filter, etc.
  14. You should buy an odb2 code reader to check if the p200c code is present before taking it into the dealer. And take a picture of the code to show them. P200c say the dpf is overheating. So I guess the temp sensors are working because it picks up a fault and you can smell burning. I am not an expert in this area but I think the dpf should do a regeneration to remove soot. If you are doing lots of short runs maybe the regeneration doesn't fully complete and problems follow from this. A long drive on the motorway might fix this if this is the cause of the problem. Your dealer's response is very poor.
  15. Make sure you add an inline fuse 3Amp should be ok. It has reverse voltage protection so leaving it plugged in all the time will not damage it.