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  1. Getrag Powershift DCT450 Transmission oil and filter change is due every 3 years or 37,500 miles, whichever occurs first
  2. Hi darren, Clutch one controls 1st 3rd 5th and reverse. Clutch two controls 2nd 4th and 6th. It could be a sticking valve caused by contamination - Personally I would try the oil and filter first. (examine the filter) Have you read up on how the oil and filter procedure is carried out. Labour is not long. It is the oil that is expensive. You need 6 litres. Just shout if you need more info on doing the oil and filter. Quite a few You Tube video's as well - some of them rubbish
  3. I would deffo gamble an oil and filter change. I know a guy who did exactly same thing last week and it fixed it - for now, who knows?? It is suspected that the drain and refill hopefully dislodged a bit of sludge/whatever that was possibly making a valve stick What mileage is it now. The oil and filter MUST be replaced every 3 years or every 37.500 miles whichever occurs first. Get hold of the old filter and let it fully drain down for 1 or 2 days - then carefully examine/scrutinise it for signs of miniscule bits of off white/cream plastic bits - if there are any it is early signs of the front clutch breaking up Darren, don't want to to put you off track, and this was early Mk5 Mondeo, but just one other suggestion to be aware of Possibly something else to consider Not sure of the exact number, five if I remember correctly, goes back quite some time, but reported on Talk Ford site - all Mk 5 diesel vehs. all low mileage Powershift Trans. Spanner light came on (sometimes on and off) and message Transmission Limited Function showed. Sometimes jerky trans operation. In all cases everybody/dealer dived to condemn the powershift trans In all cases it transpired to be faulty EGR Valves
  4. In view of the dash message I would suggest a full battery check and test anyway. I am NOT sure, but I think I read somewhere that if the battery goes below a certain level the chime sounds only come from behind the dash
  5. I would agree with Damian's comments Just to clarify - If it is a diesel auto it will have the Getrag Powershift in it. Requires oil and filter change every 3 years or 37,500 miles whichever occurs first If a petrol auto it will have a normal torque converter type trans manufactured by Ford usa in joint venture with GM (General Motors) called the 6F35 Mid Range I have heard this week that the steering recall is still going to happen - really!!!!! (A guy on Talk Ford Forum had contact with Ford CEO Andy Barratt), but there is no date when it will happen yet!! The steering bolt problem will not effect an 18 plate Mondeo
  6. Visually check the rear tyres for "stepping", quite a common problem - also run the flat palm of your hand across the tyres tread - if one way it feels smooth and the other way is rough/bumpy you have stepping which will cause tyre noise
  7. I find genuine Ford discs and pads the way to go As others have said - the fitting/preparation process is most critical - ensure hub flange is spotless and rust free etc. The ultimate is to check disc run out - if new discs show a "runout" and the hub is perfectly clean, it will be a distorted hub which requires replacement. I know Focus hubs distort very easily, even the slightest knock of the wheel rim on a kerb will distort a Focus hub BrakeDisc Run Out.pdf
  8. Send a message to Wiessiow2 as stated in 2 of the above posts
  9. Hi Lat, The main thing is to ensure the battery is FULLY charged and in perfect condition. On that understanding if the problem persists it could be a number of things For example, there have been instances of the central fuse box needing replacement Have a read of this and see pages 4 & 5, posts number 33 and 41
  10. Can't help you re swirl flaps but if you are looking at 2011 onwards try and go for a Mk4.5 with the 2 litre petrol Ecoboost Turbo unit, so no problem
  11. Yes, straight from a Ford Main Dealer - Rates
  12. Where are you located? I would just order one from a main Ford Dealer
  13. This may help
  14. I was just clarifying a point re "which trans" as even Clive (original OP) said on his last Tuesday post that his was a "powershift" which of course it isn't. Kevin, re dry clutches, the Getrag Powershift in the Mondeo, and many Volvo models is a wet clutch transmission the 6DCT450 The dry clutch version is the 6DCT250, this is fitted to vehs with lower output power units like "ordinary" Fiesta, Renault, Citroen - it is this unit that gives the major problems and cost Ford megga bucks in the USA as masses numbers were purchased by americans who like autos, whereas in the uk/europe people tend to buy manual transmissions when they buy a small car
  15. Hi Flake, My sincere apologies on missing your point number 6 - bit stressed this week, ha ha Video was a good find, very helpful - hope all goes ok