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  1. Well you could contact them but I doubt you will get anywhere whatsoever, not being the original owner and the fact it is now over 5 years old
  2. I don't take too much notice of what our friends across the pond say. For example, they ruin thousands of Focus ST 2L ecoboost engines because they don't know how to drive a manual trans veh properly. The 6F35 mid range is the end result of a joint design effort between Ford USA and GM (General Motors), each now manufacture their own units. It is now also available in 8 speed form for some models. It is a normal torque converter type trans There is no official servicing requirement for the 6F35. In general, it is a very good unit. You will always read stories about people bad experiences with any item, but against that, people who are happy and have no problems don't post up. I ran a 2011 Mk4.5 Mondeo 2L Ecooboost (Getrag Powershift trans) for 4 years, no problems whatsoever, and I had a 2015 Mk5 2L Ecoboost (6F35) for 4 years, no problems whatsoever. I would definitely have another veh that had the USA/GM unit in it. I don't do Mondeo anymore as they stopped doing 2L petrol models - I was always hoping for a 2.3 engine with an 8 speed auto to be announced but that did not happen, and never will now I used to look at this site and there is nothing seriously and consistently mentioned on here about major problems even though most of the veh are "tuned" http://www.2gfusions.net/index.php Go into the uk TalkFord Forum - into Mk5 Mondeo menu - into Drivetrain Menu - you won't find anything much detrimental whatsoever against the 6F35 trans
  3. The most important thing to do is to have 100% proof that the trans oil and filter was done, no if's, but's or opinions that "think" it was. If it cannot be proven get the oil and filter changed. There are plenty of, and bad, video's on You Tube how to do it. Labour time to do it is quite low but genuine oil and filter is what makes the job expensive. As Luke says you can get a code reader to id the fault code. The code(s) need clearing anyway to start with. If the oil and filter is done let the old filter drain down for say a day and then examine it very very carefully and look for minute particles of white/cream coloured bits of plastic, if you find any it is the first signs of the front clutch breaking up. I see your veh is a 2017 so it must be a Mk5 Mondeo, it therefore must be a diesel, if not a diesel it will not have the Getrag 6DCT450 Powershift trans in it. (yes, just noticed in your heading, 2L 150, so 150 ps will be diesel on a 2 litre - 2 litre petrol will be 240ps) Assume you are using a Ford dealer or someone who knows what they are doing?
  4. I think that model S Max looks absolutely brilliant, even better in white, spot on
  5. Of course we all know the yanks know best!!!!!! Such a poor unprofessional video. There is no proven tech info that says an oil change is needed at 30K on this transmission or that you will experience a different feel to it's operation by changing the oil at such low mileage. I can't disagree with changing the fluid at say 60 to 70k but it is quite a pain in the neck. A good quantity of oil remains in the torque converter (early Borg Warner trans have access to drain plugs in their torque converters) and the oil cooler so to do the job anywhere near properly you need to change the fluid 3 times in succession. The Aisin AWF21 does have an internal filter but to replace it involves an amount of dismantling
  6. DaveT70 - it was all sorted yesterday via PMs but I have not had time to update this thread. Yes, now I have the reg it confirms on ETIS it is NOT powershift as it is a 2.2 Diesel. Auto diesel were powershift except for the 2.2 diesel (Same applies to Mk4.5 Mondeo 2010 to 2014) The 2.2 diesel is a 6 speed manufactured by Aisin Warner model AWF21. It is a normal torque converter type trans. A good transmission. No oil change or servicing is required as per Ford, and, in any event, Sheraz's veh is not high mileage. I don't have any experience/knowledge with the Aisin Warner trans other than they are a decent transmission. The fault sounds really odd, it may even be nothing to do with the trans. The only thing I can suggest is possibly finding a local auto specialist within your area who could offer an opinion as to what is wrong. I am way down in the Midlands so I can't even offer to do a road test for you. Best of luck, Trevor B
  7. Thanks a bunch Dave, ha ha I am in PMs with Sheraz. First thing will be to have reg or vin and determine 100% certain what trans ETIS says it has. In any event a diagnosis on what is causing the problem is virtually impossible.
  8. Yes, I remember them well - great invention
  9. Yes, I feel so much better now - really? - No, ha ha Posting up about FB being down when we are having a serious conversataion about auto transmissions - dam cheek. Who is tis Isetta anyway, sounds like a bubble car from yonks ago 😀
  10. I couldn't care less if FB and all the other associates never ever came back - scourge of the earth, same goes for bitcoin and similar
  11. No worries Jonro, all is good. Yes, there is a first time for everything - I remember when the 8 speed 8F first came out I quoted it as a powershift because a ***** Ford dealer told me it was a Powershift!!!! Take care Ordered a Tesla - that's a badly built copy of a Mondeo with a big battery isn't it, ha ha
  12. NO NO NO, Jonro, you are losing your touch, ha ha Gareth, A 2016 Mondeo will be a Mk5 Mondeo. A 2litre Petrol Ecoboost Mk5 Mondeo will NOT have a Getrag Powershift Mk5 Petrol 2L Ecoboost Mondeo 2014/2015 onwards has a torque converter type trans designed and manufactured by Ford USA, originally in conjunction with GM (General Motors). It is 6 speed designated as Model 6F35 Mid Range. It is a pretty decent trans especially as it has since gone on to be available in 8 speed form on some models. Only Mk5 Mondeo diesels retained the Getrag Powershift trans Jonro, are you going to post up to Gareth on your FB site in case he does not come back on here to see the correct answer 😀
  13. If you have not done it already the first thing to do is check the modules out that are mentioned above, correct ones and working properly Has it been messed with before? If so are the modules the correct ones for your particular vehicle (see the mistakes made above re wrong module)
  14. Put your VIN into here, it should, repeat should, give you part numbers for your particular vehicle https://www.catcar.info/ford/?lang=en
  15. This is quite a good thread to read from the TalkFord Forum. I had a lot of PM correspondence with the Thread owner over the months and he taught me a hell of a lot. Brilliant guy with an amazing workshop https://www.talkford.com/threads/powershift-problems.231743/
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