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  1. I am not up to speed on the Mk3 but put your VIN into here and it should, repeat should, only show you parts applicable to your vehicle https://www.catcar.info/ford/?lang=en
  2. Sorry for late reply - had to do a quick trip to bottom of Cornwall and back today, total 600 miles - horrendous traffic - it was a business trip so no option. You need to find a specialist in your area - use google and get recommendations if you can - it will need a strip and rebuild - specialist price anywhere between £2k and £3K Ford dealer will want to do an exchange transmission - somewhere around £4.5k.
  3. This is the wet clutch 6 speed 6DCT450 Powershift manufactured by Getrag. Also used in numerous Volvo models. It is imperative that these transmissions have an oil and filter change every three years or 37,500 miles, whichever occurs first £100 is dirt cheap for a transmission service. The oil is very expensive - dealer service is around the £300 Did your man replace the oil filter - waste of time if it wasn't. Have you still got the old oil filter - if so, examine it very closely and look out for minute particles of creamy coloured plastic bits - if there are any it is the
  4. Any half decent garage should be able to pop your veh on their ramp, remove the engine undercover/guard and advise you where the leak is coming from - job done
  5. Hi Nev, thanks for the update. I did wonder how you were going on with the problem. I originally had the impression you had purchased from non Ford dealer and non Ford warranty Now you have clarified, I can't see any reason why it should not be sorted on Fords warranty. Best of luck, hope it is sorted to your satisfaction - please let us know
  6. One of the things worth checking is for a broken spring (at the very bottom in it's "seat") Jack the car up, and with the suspension hanging carefully inspect the very last bottom piece of the spring for being broken (when they do this it does not normally affect the ride height). You may need the wheel removing - put an axle stand under for safety
  7. Dave, as explained in my post, Whe/If stationary, even when lever is in D position, the Getrag is not actually in a "Drive" mode Alternatively I would do same as Roger if it was not a Getrag Powershift, but a normal torque converter type trans I am on the naughty step because if I am driving a torque converter type I slip it fro D to N but still hold it on the footbrake
  8. Ok, the petrol models have a normal torque converter type trans called the 6F35 Mid Range from Ford USA The diesel have the Getrag Powershift wet clutch 6DCT450 (Used in many Volvo Models as MPS6) The Getrag has the following feature called Neutral control. This paragraph is straight from the factory info manual. This is a function that is activated when the driver stops and the vehicle is stationary, e.g., at a red light. The Trans Control Mmodule disengages the clutches, which means that the transmission's forward drive is reduced, as well as the engine load. The function r
  9. You can do either - your choice. I sit with my foot on the brake and annoy the guy behind with my brake lights on! I find it easier to just hold the veh on footbrake so if slight forward movement of traffic can just ease foot off brake and let veh creep forward. What engine have you got as different trans between petrol and diesel, not that it really matters
  10. Rich, you are talking about the Getrag Powershift Transmission. That transmission was not fitted as early as 2008 Kateyln has a 2008 Auto - this transmission will be an Aisin Warner Trans and they have no official servicing schedule although of course it woyld be a good idea to have the fluid level checked
  11. Not good news Nev but I am aware of how, unfortunately, these things work/happen. I guess you have a "warranty" from a non Ford dealer. Most main dealers are very wary of warranties that are not from their own manufacturer. The correct claims procedure is for you to give the repairer authority to diagnose the fault on the understanding, if it is not covered by warranty you agree to pay for it (Diagnosis on many "warranties" is rarely covered. When the dealer knows what the fault is he phones the warranty company describing the fault and what is required to fix it, if it is covered, the wa
  12. I don't recognise that part number. Where are you getting it from. There will be two part numbers anyway, one for factory fitted spec pads (OEM) which dealers do not normally stock, and one for the Ford Service Pads which are branded Motorcraft. OEM are more expensive than Motorcraft If you put your vin number into here it should, repeat should, give you part numbers for parts applicable to your veh https://www.catcar.info/ford/?lang=en
  13. It is a fairly common problem on Vignale wheels. I can't find it but I am sure there is a thread on here where a guy had same problem on his Mondeo Vignale and eventually he had the replaced by Ford dealer under warranty No, not on here, it was the Talk Ford site and I even posted on it! It was an S max in Jan 2019 and the veh was a 2017, here is the link https://talkford.com/community/topic/389753-s-max-vignale-wheel-corrosion/?hl=%2Bvignale+%2Bwheels#entry3107727
  14. Nev, if you put your vin number into here it should (hopefully) only give you part numbers for parts applicable to your vehicle https://www.catcar.info/ford/?lang=en
  15. I would see how much a genuine new dealer part is first The ones in my 2015 Mondeo are marked accordingly Edge may be different
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