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  1. Never heard of anything so absolute rubbish in my life. The guy at Lookers should be banned from talking to anybody about motor vehicles It won't be wheel balance if it only does it when you brake. Totally agree with Unofix. The ideal/correct way is what Unofix says, get the discs checked for run out using a dti gauge - this should identify if both run out or just one If there is only one running out you still have to fit discs in pairs, BUT, when you fit the new disc to replace the one that is running out check for run out again on this one as, if it is still running out,
  2. I can't offer much of a diagnosis with the info you have given. However, it is worth bearing in mind that in many cases of early Mk5s that had the warning light come on it turned out to be a faulty EGR valve - possibly a faulty batch problem
  3. Triplicate post Please reply here https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/125079-mondeo-mk4-diesel-engine-noise/
  4. Triplicate post Please reply here https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/125079-mondeo-mk4-diesel-engine-noise/
  5. Hi Chris, numerous people have had a remap to your model. Haven't heard of it causing any problems but of course the Getrag Powershift 6DCT450 has not got a particularly brilliant reputation. Although I have had a Mk4.5 fully kitted Titanium X Sport 2 litre ecoboost and never ant probs, now sold. Typical professional safe remap should give around 270 bhp and max torque of 473/475 newton metres. Friends and I always used to use Superchips in Milton Keynes but the original owners have sold up. The new owners/staff have all the original excellent maps and agents dotted about the uk http
  6. Hi Bogdan, sorry have note been on this site lately. No I would not see any problems due to that short delay. Drive on and enjoy! No, its still 6DCT450
  7. Hi Gary, can you please be good enough to let us know how you got on when visiting the dealer and how you got on Also can you please advise the build date of your vehicle or, if not, the 1st registration date - thank you
  8. Hi Tom, the amount of vehs that have auto city stop compared to those that don't is zilch per cent mister, but of course looking at the amount of posts you make clearly defines that you dont like to give up on the losing side. I didn't say numbers regarding rear end shunts, I said percentage's so your comments don't stand. Never the less, I couldn't give a dam, I have answered the OPs question correctly, which is all that matters, and which you couldn't, but only pass an opinion, which again is misleading to people who don't know, so I am out of it now, goodnight
  9. Each of us drives how they prefer. I just can't be bothered to engage P, or even just slip it forward to N, especially knowing that staying in D has absolutely no adverse effect on the Getrag Powershift. I certainly would not put it in P and take my foot off the brake if I was on an incline - more possibility of damage to internal P mechanism. Again using HB creates even more work - so I will just hold it on the brake pedal whilst in D and drive the guy behind mad with my brake lights all lit up!!!!!!! "so many cars having auto city-stop nowadays"- never, they don't even make 0.0000000000
  10. Mk4 Mondeo's do not have EPBs or a auto hold light. They do have Hill Start Assist though. I have never seen it as a problem - as soon as you release any pressure off the brake pedal the clutch (powershift models) is "on/in" and in that milli second your foot is on the throttle
  11. Glad to help. The info is straight out of the manufacturers manual. It is not a manual on How To Strip and Rebuild, it is How the Trans Works. Trust you are aware it is most important to have transmission oil and filter changed every 37,500 miles or 3 years, whichever occurs first.
  12. Absolutely no need to take it out of D. I have a 100 odd page document from Getrag and it describes why you don't need to and how the trans works. When your foot is on the brake, throttle position at zero, and the speedo is at zero the trans automatically goes into "neutral" mode, there is no drive etc. Here is an extract out of the manual Neutral control This is a function that is activated when the driver stops and the vehicle is stationary, e.g., at a red light. The TCM disengages the clutches. The function reduces both fuel consumption and vibrations. When the driver relea
  13. No worries Rob. It has caught a lot of purchasers out many times. It is not just Fords, for example, Mercedes do similar models. It is all to do with what they were designed to do and, more importantly, homologated for, economy/efficiency etc I think a 2 Litre might be ok for your boat, depends if you are braked or unbraked. 2015/2016 brochure for 2 litre diesel econetic is Braked 1,600Kg Unbraked 750Kg
  14. I have just looked in one of my genuine original brochures, it is only 400Kg Braked or Unbraked. Many people have had unpleasant surprises to find this out, lots of stuff on different forums asking same/similar questions The Econetic models are what they are, what they were Homologated for, i.e. economy etc, low drag tyres etc etc so being Homologated for towing a caravan deletes what the veh was originally specified to do. If you go to a professional tow bar fitter you should find they will not fit a tow bar suitable to tow a caravan to an Econectic model. If I was going to tow a ca
  15. Where are you buying the battery from - Euro Car Parts and Car Parts For Less (same company) are a rip of lately on some stuff. Want over £400 for a battery for my 320 2 litre petrol BMW - dealer fitted price £300 - Halfords same spec battery £185 CTEK MX5 Battery charger - £135 at ECP - £79 at Halfords. Original selling price at most places before Covid was £69
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