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  1. Hi guys I’m looking to buy a Mk6 Fiesta for a new driver can anyone give me any tips on what engine to go for and what to look for. Thanks
  2. The gear knob in my Mk1 Focus has snapped and I went to unscrew it but it won’t unscrew because the centre insert has snapped does anyone know how to remove it.
  3. I’m in the same boat I’m looking for one for my Mk1.5 Focus but can’t find any decent ones anywhere. I think that the Mk1 and Mk1.5 have the same rear subframe.
  4. I’d like to do this to my Mk4 ST Line X but I don't know wether you’d need to change anything else.
  5. My 2019 Focus has changed tone too after being parked for a few hours
  6. I’m hoping that these problems are just because it’s an all new model but I’ve never had issues with any of my new Fords after owning 4 C Maxs which never went wrong and an Ecosport which hasn’t gone wrong so far. I had the windows go wrong a few times on the new Focus the first time I took it to a dealer but the second time I went on the forums and managed to find the way to reset them which is to put them up and down four times. I’m similar to you as I tend to keep the cars longer than the three years.
  7. Can I just say this was written after my windows decided to go wrong but I found a very easy fix which is to put the windows up and down 4 times I think. Overall I love the Mk4 Focus the writing above was written in frustration and I would thoroughly recommend the Mk4 Focus to anyone.
  8. My Mk4 is an absolute pain in the *****. This is coming from a Ford guy I’ve got a Mk1 Focus and a Mk7 Fiesta and the Mk4 Focus. The windows on my Mk4 keep going wrong and also the sensor on the front is forever beeping. Also the car seems to rattle most of the time. All I can say is I much prefer my 2003 Mk1 Focus to this new 2019 Mk4 Focus. I’m really disappointed with the Mk4 the build quality just isn’t good enough.
  9. Hi Guys, My Grandparents used to own a Ford Escort Encore on the plate P759 HVU and I have recently started looking for it after doing a history check and finding that surprisingly the car hasn’t been scrapped but hasn’t been on the road for what looks like a number of years. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.