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  1. Nard

    So close!

    Friend pointed out that at least I won't be using up my warranty!
  2. Nard

    So close!

    I keep my car garaged. Would have been great to sit in the garage making broom broom noises. Seriously I could have at least ceramic coated it.
  3. Nard

    So close!

    I like your thinking - but I've got my part ex 1 series I'm paying tax and insurance on still. Lol
  4. Nard

    So close!

    Was hoping to pick up my first ever new car (age 51) this weekend or early next week. Then got the e-mail saying dealer is closing - no idea how long. Oh well; based on what others are going through and being really good at putting things into perspective, I guess I'll have to wait a little longer. Stay safe and indoors everyone. :)
  5. I'm hoping you've done a YouTube search?
  6. Sync 4 has it. Slowly rolling out on some new models.
  7. Nard


    Very nice. I've got a new ST Line X due in March - but no date yet.
  8. No idea? I just assumed larger hp engines have lower revs at higher speeds.
  9. Surely on the motorway at 70mph the 182 will have lower rpm?
  10. Thanks for the replies. Mid to late March looks likely then.
  11. I've been given a build date of 20th Feb. Dealer is unable to give me an exact collection date. Anyone have ideas about how long it takes the dealer to receive the car from the factory? I'm not inpatient; just excited. Lol
  12. We just had one replaced under warranty on a 2017 (with one month left to go). Would have been £600 apparently for a new one. Ford suggested blowing a hair dryer or heat gun in there as they tried to get out of a replacement. I pointed out that wouldn't actually fix the problem.
  13. I've ordered an ST line X 182 auto with many options - due in March. Went for the 1.5L because I always feel a more powerful car will help make longer journeys more relaxing and I'm not bothered about the extra fuel cost as I only do low mileage over a year. I guess it's down to your finances and maybe environmental concerns. I've read good things on these forums about this engine and gearbox combination. YouTube has some good vids too.