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  1. Hi Ford Fanatics, Glad to be part of the forum, i am need of some advice. I have just brought a MK2 Ford Focus 07 Automatic, it has not have a documented service in around 30k miles, so a service is well over due. I have the following questions relating to the service. 1) Is it worth getting a coolant flush? If so what coolant should i be using. I have heard coolant flushes in this car can cause air pockets. 2) Should i change the transmission fluid, if so what oil should be used? I have asked a garage and they said they will use mannol atf oil. They have also said they cannot change the torque converter oil unless they drop the transmission, is this true? 3) Is there anything else i should be doing? Many thanks!
  2. Hey, I have a mk2 ford focus 07, it has an automatic transmission and I would like to know the model name. Is it powershift? Duratec? Is it dual clutch or torque Converter?I have attached a picture of the gear lever. Additionally, how reliable are these transmissions? Many thanks.