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  1. OOO I didn't know I could write on my timeline! It's like Facebook but without all the annoying adverts!

    No longer will I have to put up with ads for Darren's Plumbing or Barry's Landscapers...

    Just need a few followers now! :yahoo:

  2. Maybe 'Baby Shark' as they all drive along!
  3. I have to say I'm struggling with my conscience as to go for it or just settle for cars. If I need a bike to beat the traffic I thought you can't go wrong with a Honda Forza scooter to beat the jams, 15bhp from a 125, wouldn't need to pass any tests and good for 70mph! After all I'm not a fast rider and where can you ride a 1000cc to it full potential these days other than a race track? That said after all the talk and crazy ideas I have, I'm probably just going to do my test and buy a nice bike!
  4. Ah Marco Simoncello, I'm not afraid to say I shed a little tear that day. It was like watching your hero die on TV right in front of your eyes...
  5. Not to change the subject... but I am... But I have just come across this Escort GTi. I had one of these in red about 10 years ago and swapped it with a mate for a scooter. This one needs minor work doing to it, but these GTi's are RARE! I should have never got rid as mine was a minter and I reckon now would probably be worth around the £4k mark in tip top condition. These are the sort of Fords to buy nowadays if you are looking to increase value... ... just booking my train to Bolton!
  6. Thank you for the advise, I belive I've been offered a 175cc
  7. £450 for a car is a good buy regardless of condition. I have never paid over £2000 for a car and never lost any money on one. If your car were to be an MOT failure in the future and it costs you too much to put right, take it off the road and strip it for parts! You will always make your original purchase money back if you buy right and also it helps others who need parts for similar cars. I know it sad to take a car apart after you have loved it, but think of how many other cars you are saving from the scrap yard! Then put any money you make towards your next Ford and repeat the process!
  8. True but you can't deny that Sam Lovegrove is a mechanical genius!
  9. Funny you should say that, my friend gets his motorbike fix by just doing Moto X, which he says is a lot safer than being out on the road?
  10. I watched a program on Olivers Mount, I think it was Guy Martin, but may have been Henry Cole on The Motorbike Show and it looks awesome, defiantly on my bucket list! And again never been to the IOM but even if I go as a spectator I'd go, that said I'd love to have a crack at Mad Sunday!
  11. I'm a sucker for Moto GP, BSB and WSBK, and iomTT but I do like BTCC Touring cars. To many rules nowadays in F1. Mind you even watching sport on TV now is getting pricey! I try to go to Thruxton and Brands Hatch at least once a year for BSB.
  12. Thank you for your sound advise! I must say I am a little paranoid of what people think of me on such a small bike, but like I said I do love being out in the fresh air alone with my thoughts. I would love to ride a Daytona someday although I think it'll scare the life out of me. I'm not a fast driver/rider but I do appreciate speed on a track and love motorsports! Looking forward to WSBK this year as Scott Redding joins! 🏁
  13. Thanks for the replys Thanks for the reply, what a lovely bike! One of the things about bikes at my age is the safety aspect. You can be the safest rider in the world, but no one can tell you when and where that 32 ton lorry's tyre is going to blow?! So far on my little bike I have been lucky. I guess I need to outweigh the risk factor against my loving of riding is enough to carry on. I have also just been offered a BSA Bantam C15 which I'm tempted by as its going for a steal!
  14. Hello I thought I'd post my first topic on here, so here we go. I've always loved motorbikes and it took me until I was in my mid 30s to actually get one. However I'm now worried that its more of a midlife crisis, because I haven't passed my test yet and I'm riding around on some pathetic Chinese monstrosity called a Lexmoto to try build up some confidence before I do my bike test and go blow £9k on my long desired Triumph Bonneville! I honestly must look like a right **** riding a 125 at my age and being somewhat of a chubster it'll only do 55mph, That said I do enjoy being out pottering around on it. Question is... Should I knock motorbikes on the head altogether and sell the bike, then put the money towards something better like a new Ford, or should I stick at it in the hope I get around to doing my test this year? Just be interested to hear your thoughts guys and girls?