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  1. Hi All, First of just want to say a massive thanks to everyone that shared their opinions to help me get my car back on the road. Well she's fixed after spending two days at a garage. Apparently some wires had been sheared from a botched job from the previous owner... That cost me just short of £200 haha Cheers again Sam
  2. Hi guys, cars been at a garage all day yesterday so hopefully will find out what's up with it today
  3. Haha let me know can ya... Save me a few cars maybe
  4. @nicam49 cheers buddy I will do.. It is indeed cold out specially when it rains with no cover and engines half out on side of the road 😂 @TomsFocus these teething problems do you think I'm gonna run into more in next year cos it's only a starter car for insurance but seems to be costing money more than saving me any haha
  5. cheers guys for all your help, I've been up today and been pumping away and got it to start and rev again as previous. Unfortunatly it still does not want to set of so I'm gonna have to drag it's butt to a garage I think and see what they say...
  6. Cheers @mozz I shall let you guys know how I get on..
  7. I watched a video on YouTube and followed it step by step and removed the filter box, unclipped a few wires removed the fuel filter and tried getting at the EGR but couldn't get at the bolts. I put everything back the way I took it of, went to start and it just kept clicking... I'd say out of 10 times of trying to start it she fired up twice for a split second then died straight away. I gave up after that as I'm not sure what I'm doing and didn't want to cause more damage. I shall get in touch with tunnelrat and see what they say.
  8. Just an update, I've been tinkering with the car for the past 2 hours and somehow I've made it worse. I couldn't get the EGR valve out so I put everything back the way I found it and now the car doesn't start at all. The EML, oil and battery light come on the dash and don't go of now, where as they only appeared after the stall but went of and stayed of after restarting until it stalled after trying to set of.
  9. @TomsFocus just reading your last reply to nicam49 so do you think it's not the EGR valve and it's a waste of time trying to remove and clean it? I will be getting this forscan device you have mentioned, I have googled it but there's a couple, is their one that you recommend me getting? For the time being I don't mind getting my hands dirty and trying things myself as long as I have videos or support along the way lol Cheers again buddy
  10. @TomsFocus @nicam49 thank you both for your feedback. I have had a look at some YouTube videos and I'm gonna try to give the EGR a clean but if that's not the problem the fuel filter that you mentioned could be the issue Tom I will get that replaced as it's near the EGR I'm gonna be attempting to remove so hopefully we should be a set closer today.
  11. I'm probably going to have to pay for a garage to check for fault codes cause I'm clueless I won't know what I'm doing haha cheers for the help I shall report back when or if I find out more what the problem is.
  12. @TomsFocus do you think it's worth changing the fuel filter then as I'm no good with cars and don't really want to pay someone if it's not the problem
  13. Hi @TomsFocus thank you for replying. Sorry if I said the car stalls immediately after starting this is not correct. The car starts and revs fine until putting it in gear and setting of, the car will move maybe a foot or two and then dies and the oil battery and engine managment light appear on the dash. Thanks again I appreciate all you help. Sam
  14. You guys don't think it could be the alternator do you?
  15. @Tiexen hi mate yeah MOT is fine just has a minor for exhaust leak