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  1. Thanks was thinking night breakers or philips alternative. Would The night breaker cool blue or standard ones be better?
  2. Hi I own a 2020 focus St Line and am impressed with the car so far. I have the standard headlights with the led drl's and halogen dipped and main beams. Can anybody recommend a bulb to replace the halogens with to give a white look as opposed to the yellow look. It looks a bit odd with led drl's and spot lights but yellow halogen dipped beams. Thanks
  3. Yeah mine are the standard lights both have condensation in them in the same place beside the grill. Strange to see in a brand new car especially coming from an 11 year old car that never had any condensation problems in the lights
  4. Does you're car have the radar sensor on the lower grill or is it just using the windscreen camera?
  5. Also I noticed some condensation in both headlamps. Its states in the owners handbook that this is normal due to the lights having vents to reduce pressure. It looks bad in a new car has anybody else got this problem?
  6. Maybe because so many have complained about the sensitivity they removed the radar behind the grill for non adaptive cruise control models. I checked myself and there is definitely nothing behind that square box under the grill.
  7. No dont have adaptive cruise control brought it back to the dealer and they said there is no sensor behind the square box behind the licence plate, I assumed there was, but it's only for the adaptive cruise control then that would make sense. I turned my sensitivity up to high to test it out and stillnot getting any warning or active breaking at all when behind cars. Reading other topics about people going off all the time this might not be a bad thing
  8. Hi everyone I recently picked up a brand new Focus st line and love the car so far. But I am just wondering if anybody can tell me if my reg plate fitted by the dealer could be blocking the front mounted radar system as I have yet to receive any pre collision warnings (yes I have tried to test it!). Thanks