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  1. Yeah, I sanded half of that spoiler again and will try to paint it today again, I think ill use it as a practice how to blend in colour nice.
  2. Been doing bits an bobs these past few weeks. So found a donor same colour in my local scrapyard. Got the door lamps and latter went for the bumper and the spoiler. Headlights Tried to restore them with wet sanding and then spraying lacquer on, one of them had a crack at the bottom and had to open it, some guys put it in the oven for a bit, well my oven is gas heated and the bottom is a lot hotter, slightly melted the bottom of it and there was a hole, tiger sealed it up. After sanding I went by crisfix video on youtube and the advice of putting clear coat on them afterwards to protect them, well... I tried my best, but had orange peal, wet sanded and polish as best I could but still did not had perfectly clear finish. I managed this at the first try witch was pretty decent, but then used wrong alcohol to clean it and messed it up shortly after this picture So a good week I spent wet sanding, spraying clear coat, wet sanding and respraying again, then once I finished one of them had to reseal it, this time I preheated the oven and turned it off then put it in, clear coat shrunk and made cracks and this point I don't even remember how many times I redid them, but this is the result, better than before but not perfect. I might have a go at putting that clear film on, tough It would be quite hard for a novice I reckon to put it on on these headlights as of the little bulge. Sanded and filled dents and bigger scratches in the bumper I got, tough since it's off Ill have a go at bumper repair. Sanded and primed I was quite pleased with the result till I tried to put base coat on (posted it on AutoPaint reddit for the pros to have a laugh at a newbie) I had just a small 150mil can and was quite nervous it won't be enough and messed it all up. In the process of sanding it all down and I will do the whole bumper, found out Halfords sell moondust silver quite cheep and bigger cans, bought 2. Spoiler had a massive scratch right at the edge, thought I have learned my lessons and had a go. After primer Was quite pleased with the result with the base coat. Till I removed the masking tape 😞 I really tried not to spray any more around than necessary, but yes it had lines, tried my best to 1000 grit wetsand the lines, and applied another base coat and then clear coat. Tomorrow will see how it's done. I think so far I have done all the major mistakes of a novice painter so hopefully should improve from now on 🙂
  3. KrisT


  4. Yeah I know about part leather ones, but full leather 3 door I think it's only this model
  5. Was that double sided sticky automotive tape. And bought tiger seal, been working on other stuff on the car, and have not put the plastic back, as I want to polish the area, might as well while it's off
  6. Yeah, not a proper set up but something nevertheless, I will try to stabilise it tomorrow and update.
  7. It seems most ppl here have all the new fiestas from MK 7 up. Do some good dig on this forum, I have found good helpful topics on this forum that are about 10 years old, when the MK6 was fairly new car.
  8. Hey, today I picked up a front bumper from Ztec S facelift model, but it didn't have the grill with the badge, I grabbed one near by but it seemed a bit smaller. Not sure as I didn't spend much time figuring out. I could go back and pick up another grill from standard mk6 facelift that where there if the are the same.
  9. Hmm Good idea, I did bought the Tiger Seal and thinking maybe use it. Will see, spent the day sanding and coating the headlights today.
  10. Hi, made a quick video ( I cringe every time, how weird my voice and accent sound)
  11. Hey, I am googling around and most suggest the "legit" way of using butyl sealant, but can a black silicone sealant work as well? What other options are there to reseal the headlight.
  12. Love the enthusiasm in the guy, not many would go down this "rabbit hole" of starting to work on your own car. Let alone someone who doesn't even know what tools are required. You really don't need much, that ratchet sent is nice but probably not needed, I have like 8 piece wrench set and a small socket set I think I bought from halfors for about 15 paunds, then invest in a separate ratchet that fits your sockets as the one with the cheep set is quite terrible but still usable. Then buy some sockets with a torx screws at the end. This is what I pretty much have and have not needed anything extra so far for the little fixes I did on my fiesta.
  13. Will do a bit more detailed pictures tomorrow. I have tried all hinges from original door and donor door, the donor car had not been smashed.