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  1. Started Saturday with a visit to local scrap yard to see if they have anything new in. They, did !!! a facelift ZtecS same colour. Got myself a door and headlights paid 60 for the lot, I think quite good price, bear in mind my haggle skills are superior. Dented one on the left ( not by me) I had taken the trims off already, turns out they are different. It's a 2 door Fiesta ! I need to find how to effectiveley remove the old trim glue and get a new trim glue. Any suggestions ? But this is the end result, I thought it will be a lot easier 😄 taking the window out was a pain.
  2. Damm looks nice. The original ones are faded and kinda look dirty. I might go for silver ones I think. Thanks for second opinion.
  3. Here is my Fiesta These or or maybe these The smoked ones might accent the Silver, but the others might blend in better. Tough choice.
  4. Hey, hows the project going ?
  5. This is an 11 year old post mate 😄 What car do you have ?
  6. Does any electronics work in the car? Dash, lights ?
  7. It worked, I did not know you have to pull it out. It worked on the driver side, now I just need to get 2 wires to connect the reverse light and fog light to each side. As driver side has fog light working but no reverse light and passenger side vice versa.
  8. Passed my MOT last week, I will check tomorrow and update.
  9. I suppose I could solder them, I do have the iron, but yeah probably just buy the connectors. I just always wondered does it matter that much, I don't think they could come apart from vibration.
  10. Hey, just fitted face lift taillights. I joined the wires for now together the old fashioned way and out tape on it. I have always wondered, what is the benefit from those wire connector blocks, should I bother? I know they look nicer and are arguably more secure and what not.
  11. As we are in the times we are in now, tough I go local scrap yard, than god it's still open. Got a pair of taillights Before In the process After It's amazing how much difference it makes and yes that is a Stella on the roof for job well done 😄 I just need to get a wire as the reverse lights only worked on the left, and the fog lights don't work. That's kinda an issue as I looked at the tutorial on the forums and it did not quite apply to my situation as I took the new MK6.5 connectors that go to the car as well. Just linked all the same cables, but one on each side is spare. The incoming wires are 5 but the new lights have 6.
  12. Hello everyone, I am Kris and this is my Ford Fiesta MK6 2004 1.4 Duratec "Silver" some kind of limited edition with leather interior. To Do List: Face lift it: Rear taillights Headlights New bumper and grill ? (Might just fix the current one) New timing belt and water pump New engine mounts Source and fit one original 7 spoke alloy + refurbish all of them Fit new brake discs,pads,calipers (possible from Mondeo ) Rear brake drums to discs upgrade, if I am brave enough ( ) Remove and repaint the side skirts Replace the drivers door? or try to get the dent out and repaint Refresh the body work, all the minor scratches and cracks in the paint Find new original floor mats ( my ones say "Silver" where others would have ZTEC or Fiesta written on ) Fit 2JZ A bit about me, even tough being a petrol head since childhood, only got my license this December as previously there was no need really. So when looking for cars I was looking cheapest insurance band and Fiestas appealed most from Band 10 cars. Even if I could afford a newer "better" car I could not afford insurance, so I believe I will use this car for next year or two, somebody on the forums said not to put any money and labor in it, but I love working on cars and fixing things in general so it is my hobby.( also work, maintenance technician for a big school and residential ) As you can see it's in a drive way so don't really have a garage to work in, but good thing is I have started a new job as mentioned above and even tough our workshop is not quite a car or metal works work shop there is more tools and space I could use, a tripod winch we use to lift the sewer pump out to clean it could be used to lift the engine to change the engine mounts, plus one of my colleagues use to be a manager of car repair shop, so advice is at hand. Plan is to work on it this spring/summer as there seems nothing else to do for some time as we are in some kinda Apocalypse without zombies. I would appreciate any advice,comments,opinion, anything to be honest, even if you just want to "diss" or make fun of my efforts please do. I rather have any kind of comments than none at all. Thank you Kris.
  13. Ohh crap... Is this the fog light switch ? I just realize that every time I drive I crank it to the end, been driving with fog lights on all the time then.
  14. Another update, everything works with one additional wire as right side rear gear light pre face-lift don't have it I guess. It's just the fog lights don't work and now I wonder if pre face lift even have them. Anyone?