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  1. Hi, I tough the Haynes manuals where the best, but if you say so. Please do email me the manuals at ( if the file is to big for email) Much appreciated.
  2. Does anyone have Haynes pdf manual for mk6 2004 model? Been looking everywhere. If someone could upload it somewhere or has a link would be much appreciated. I know wanting it free is r/ChoosingBeggars but I fully intend to buy paper version as well once I can. just wanted to have a look at it before. Thanks.
  3. Well, my thinking was if all silver mk6 are the same color code then it should be quite simple.
  4. My color code is 62, MoonDust Silver, just wondering if it is the only silver type for mk6, then looking for bumpers and other body parts would be a lot simpler. Thanks.
  5. I see some Fiestas advertised around 1000 pounds, I see nothing that better in them.
  6. Why would you both say that? Why is it not worth doing any upgrades ? I think the mk 6.5 headlights might make the car look a lot modern and younger and might increase it's value. I am not planing to spend on it any more than I would expect to get back with a small profit. Plus I really love fixing cars, I think I would be bored of a car that has noting to fix.
  7. Today I bought Fiesta as my first car. So naturally first thing when I got home is to register in owners forum. I bought MK6 2004 1,4 ZTEC Limited edition, the one with leather seats. MOT till march, had new clutch just fitted and it has 103,000 miles done. I will take and post some pictures when its daylight. I bought it for 450 pounds, the car has some little dents and scratches, but I think it's a bargain price, wanted to ask the experts if I made a good purchase. Last MOT attached. I plant to repair everything I can on my own, as I do love it and have some knowledge. Plant to fit the MK 6.5 headlights and taillights and other bits and bobs. Any advise on going forward appreciated. Thanks, Kris.