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  1. About this message...I guess it’s an automatic message. I charged fully the battery, turned on system (without engine) for 20 minutes because I was cleaning inside gives me the message, but I checked the battery with the tester and was still fully charged ahah. So it’s a message that has no meaning, more or less.
  2. By the way, I contacted CTEK and they told me that you can manually charge the battery when you want ahah, so I'll do that very month!
  3. Thank you guys! Maybe I'll check the battery with the tester, if it's a little bit discharged I'll charge it manually..but if it's nearly 90-100% nope ahah. I'm curious to know how will last ong by (also) manually charging it, because the first battery lasted 18 months...or better, start and stop lasted 18 months, theoretically battery is pretty good and i'm still using it for other purposes.
  4. Hi guys!! Today I was recharging my battery, and I've a question. Now that I've got the CTEK C5, I usually recharge my battery every month even if I use often the car. you think this can be good for the battery or it's even worse?
  5. Yeah, the airbox sounds like a tractor ahaha, it's the sleeve, the tube, i don't know how to describe it, in front of the airbox - at least, in my case. I used two cable tie around it and now it's pretty quite...I attach you a pic when I did that thing. Ford mechanic used to do the same things, but yeah. I did it myself. By the way, 12.5 with car off, if start and stop works, it can be ok. I have my battery charged at 100% (I charged it manually) and after a trip, normal voltages are between 12.4 and 12.6, even if the battery is fully charged.
  6. Yeah, I suggest you to measure the battery removing it from the bay or almost removing it, it’s kinda annoying but it’s the only method to buy the right one I guess. I’ll do always that in the future.
  7. Omg that’s so strange ahah. I’ve the same battery of yours, I checked on the specification - Ford 2033186. But..I tried to install a 278x175x175 battery and it’s too short. Something is wrong 😂 maybe the same battery had different dimension between uk and rest of Europe? I bought the new Ford 2033186 on a Italian retailer, so I really don’t know. By the way I changed it and it’s not very difficult, I removed the cover of the air box and moved a little bit the airbox itself...I didn’t remove it fully, and I replaced battery without any problem. The only thing where I argued was the battery poles, it’s a little bit hard to insert them fully in the new battery, at least, on the same Ford 2033186. Oh, and also the clip on the cover of the airbox about the cable of the airbox....woah, that’s amazing, a little bit hard to remove the clip and so hard to reinsert it fully.
  8. I can confirm that, my S&S didn’t work until i charged manually my battery! It worked for some days because the battery was in poor condition, but it worked for a little. I guess if your battery is good, a good charging would be fine.
  9. Yes, I checked voltages and when is below 80% alternator charge with a voltage of 14.7. When is charged but you're using air conditioning or headlights, it runs at 13.6v. And, when the battery is near 100% and car engine is idle without any light or air, it just don't charge the battery that remains at 12.5v (with engine on). When I had the poor battery, BMS keep to charge the battery with 14.7v, and...engine rpm in idle was a little bit higher, and start and stop just doesn't work. So, yeah, maybe it's better for battery but definitely fuel consumption and emissions is a little bit worse. And, the alternator could wear out early. I guess it's better to change a battery yourself rather than the alternator.
  10. It took me a month to decipher everything ahaha, I learned so many things, and I bought two battery because the first one was tall 175cm lol. Fortunately I've got the refund. I like to do car things on my own, at least, simple thing such as changing battery, but yeah...Fiesta MK8 battery isn't very user friendly is you don't know anything about the situation. I guess it's easier to change the battery than pick the right one ahah. Changing battery requires to remove the airbox (not totally) but it's just the first time, then it become a simple thing.
  11.'re right, an OEM battery with mk8 dimension and specification just doesn't exist ahaha. There are just 60ah/600 or 650 with 175cm, or 70/75ah with 190cm. It's..strange, but that's it. You have to buy a battery with the same dimension, because the battery box in the MK8 is a little bit strange, if it's shorter can be dangerous and also positive connectors just don't fit. "Unfortunately" I replaced my ford battery with the same ford battery, but I measured its height and definitely it's not 175cm, because I compared it with a 175cm battery and it's just highest, so I guess it's 190cm, because the difference is not so much (as you can see in the pic I attached yesterday). By the way..I was looking to two batteries from Yuasa, theoretically one of best brand: - EFB - AGM I would go with the agm, because last longer, it's more secure because it has no free acid inside. But I didn't heard of someone who did that, so I don't know if everything would be fine. Theoretically yes, practice it could be different, and anyway, I think it is a bit oversized for a fiesta MK8 ahaha. Not in dimension, but as characteristics. AGM are usually installed on advanced start stop systems or car which recharge the battery with braking energy. But it's also true that with the cost of the original ford battery you can buy the non-ford-motorcraft AGM, why not?
  12. From what I read, nope, you have just to reset the BMS after changing the battery, but you have to do it anyway, either if it's a new-oem battery or a higher one. Bms usually read automatically voltages, capacity of the battery, and things like that. The important things is to wait 8 hours after you change it/reset bms/ recharge the battery in order to let BMS learn the new situation about the battery. In fact, when I replaced my battery with a new one (100% charged) the first day S&S just didn't work, but the day after...was all fine.
  13. I usually read that it's no problem to use an higher-capacity battery than the stock one. My only concern is about the weight, but...I don't think that 2 or 3 kgs change something.
  14. Yeah, if I do a research using the correct dimension it gives me compatibly (for example) for the Yuasa YBX7096, that's also a lot more efficient than the stock's a 75ah / 700A, not bad. By the way, I made a mistake ahah, it's not 195cm but 190cm.
  15. Yeah, also bosch-varta-yuasa website says that 175cm battery it's compatible with MK8. Maybe the fiesta mk7/mk7.5 with ecoboost had a 175cm battery and they're stick with it...but mk8 is different, or at least, italian mk8 has a taller battery ahah. I live in italy. I guess all european mk8 it's like that.