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  1. Your space saver tyre is only to get you to a repair shop. You can only do 40 miles at 50 mph.... that said I've done 70 in a 2001 vauxhall corsa on a space saver lol. As mentioned above the tyre weld will usually mean a new tyre is advised to be fitted. My advice is of the internal area of the tyre isn't damaged just clean out the tyre weld and plug the screw hole. ( I've plugged screw holes on many vehicles, even at the side of a motorway when afor a close friends business, the customers tyre weld can was empty. Hope this helps
  2. Respect to you fella, Nice car choices but you'll regret buying them when you tow anything with them.
  3. Change the pollen filter, then remove the rear parcel shelf... put the heating on full heat and a fast fan speed for an hour to dry the car out
  4. Go to your local garage theyll sort you out, theres a tool to do it properly instead of bodging it with sockets
  5. Grease it once a month (more if its tight to get off) from now on.
  6. You should use 32 psi all round, but look inside the front door apertures below the latch just incase the pressures are different. It will have 2 or 3 different tyre sizes and loads. Ford have an upgrade cap but always put a smear of grease or oil on the threads of the cap and rubber seal. the reason the cap breaks is because the cap and rubber seal goes too tight and dry due to lack of use.
  7. Check the fuse, also check that theres no debris in the bottom of the cigarette lighter socket
  8. Ah ok, not the best design anyway. There are usually fixings in either wheel arch, then along the top, in the hatch area
  9. Check the voltages across the battery, also make sure the terminals are clean and tight
  10. Yes do the water pump and you'll want to make sure they use the right belt
  11. Speed rating is simply a safe working limit the tyre manufacturer knows the tyre will be safe at, a higher speed rating will not affect your car in any way. Hope this helps
  12. It will adjust fuelling as needed but the revs should stay the same, maybe a 10 to 20 rpm variance when warm.... until you use the gas. The issue can be alot of things, get it code read at a better garage
  13. You will get a light on the dash, I suggest you get a genuine tpms valve from ford, stupid I know but it will work. I believe some cars simply dislike aftermarket valves and sensors. Just make sure that you can return items that have been fitted or opened. Regards Cal
  14. Sounds like the switch might have failed
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