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  1. Had A Minor Accident Last Weekend

    @all: damaged parts are only on bodywork, no major things. they'll be replacing the side panel, bumper, headlight, hub cap and tire. they will also test drive it if any alignment is needed. i'm still thankful that nobody was hurt and that it was only a small accident. just hoping i'll get my sasha back soon and enjoy driving. will post updated pics as soon as i get my sasha.. peace!
  2. Last thursday, after dropping my wife to the supermarket heading my way to the petrol station to fill up my tank. a land cruiser rammed in to my car as i was about to change lane because the van in front of me was not moving and on a hazard lights, when my front was already on the other lane there was this Land cruiser who rammed into me and wasn't able to make an instant stop or honk his horn because he was too busy talking with somebody else on his mobile phone.. me and my wife were really depressed that day. i miss driving my car already.. today i sent my car to Ford body shop. they told me it will took them 6-7 day to replace everything.because they have to order the parts abroad. headlights, side panel and bumper. here are some pictures of my sasha with her injuries..
  3. is looking to upgrade his wheels to 17"

  4. that's strange.. i have the lowest 1.4L spec.
  5. did you find it already?
  6. you don't have to put the glove box out, just look "behind" the lowest part of the plastic door of the glovebox.. i just noticed, you keep assuming on things... i didn't have the ambient lighting in the menu option on the HU.. and i didn't use paint to add the arrows.. used PS. sorry, don't know how to use paint. :D maybe the pictures in this forum can help you... Footwell lights
  7. i'm a victim too... (also my wife.) planning to buy some static remover. just google it, and you'll find a variety of ky chains with this function..
  8. LED Footwell lighting

    i think i have answered this already on this thread: ambient lighting
  9. i'm not being rude but, if you have read this whole thread, you'll find the picture of where to find the bulb sockets... its really not that hard to find if you really care to look underneath the plastics. if you still can't find it, maybe you just don't have it..
  10. Mk7 Fiesta Wiring Diagram?

    is it the ambient lighting for ford fiesta mk7? it should come with instructions and diagram though. where did you buy this? european-parts.net?
  11. well, i actually don't have the ambient lighting option in the vehicle menu on the HU. i just checked if i have the footwell lights sockets underneath my dash.. luckily, i have them and tried filling them in with bulbs. then as soon as i fill them with bulb, they lit up as courtesy lights (door opened, unlocked car, engine just turned off). then i bought a strip LED lights then tap them to the footwell lights wiring..that's it.. just check if you have those footwell bulb sockets underneath the dash plastics.
  12. How to tint MK4 headlights ?

    cool! any instructions or info on how to do such thing? thanks!
  13. maybe this will help too. decal fx there are also a lot of "how to.." videos here. helped me a lot.
  14. Bluetooth And Voice Control Wiring Diagram

    ICE 1 (in car entertainment 1) that's the audio package 1. your help will be much appreciated. thanks in advance.