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  1. choose the model you want to look at then choose specs and it will tell you what the model has or not best of luck with the little old rust buckets bot they are fun to drive as we had a ka3
  2. can you upload a picture please so we can see what light is on
  3. if you goto halfords they will do the pads/shoes for life so next time you need new ones they do them free. worth asking about pads for life at halfords. sounds like your rear shoes are worn out and the garage you goto dont do their job properly as they should have noted the wear on the service sheet. from memory they used to say on the second change of front pads you change the rear ones or there abouts and every second change of front pads you do the disks aswell
  4. the near side usually goes first as its more prone to kirbs sunken drains and potholes. the craking noise maybe the rubbers on the anti roll bars aswell but that make more of a knocking sound. you will notice the steering and feel of the car being much better when the lowers suspension arm is replaced. if one side is gone its usually not long until the other side goes. the part is about £35.00 from memory and about 45 mins to replace. i would say £100 all in for part and fitting but ford genuine will cost about £95 for the part alone so have a aftermarket one fitted they are fine on a old car thats what i do myself. aks the garage to make sure all is tughtend ans you can hear a craking noise but you may have had that all along and now you listening for noises
  5. take car back straight away and contack the aa as they so say recommend halfords. ask for the manager to take a look at it and state you do not want the same so called mechanic touching your car
  6. A as you do not cross the pipes and dont forget to put the electric connector back on
  7. they are doing them to compete with the larger fiat 500 models. they are also using the same chassis as the fiats
  8. remove airbox to get at the thermostat and replace the whole this as the seal is a 0 ring rfor memory and not worth trying to replace just that is the face of the thermostat body usually corrodes and leaks. take care as sometimes they are a plastic item so dont overtighten the bolts. try to get ford part but they are expensive so aftermarket will do as its an old car
  9. aim for the newer shape from 2009-10 as it does not have any issues with it and its based on the fiat 500. do research on models as there are so many and stay away from entry level models.
  10. thermostat housing is quite an easy and cheap fix but the oil leak maybe nothing as its sometimes due to who filled the oil and missed to hole as its common. if it is a leak then you need to have a prpoer look at it yourself as a garage will put it down even if they are not sure if it a actual leak to cover themselves as for the engine ask for photos and see what one it is. the studio model is the lowest leve for do really basic model i would look for a better one (model) myself as its not worth messing about with as the oil leak mayneed the engine case skimming and that can be about £500 with new water pump. keep looking for a better car and higher spec the 2010 and up models are much better and dont rust
  11. sounds like the power steering motor /pump is not working properly i would replace it as it should not feel heavy when working
  12. take it to a local small garage and see what they can do as they maybe able to fabricate one for you or a scrapyard for one thats been cut off already as i think it a welded on part
  13. cheers gio1987 keep us posted if you find out if there is anything thats gone adrift as it will help us to help others on this site
  14. for a 13 yr old car to only have done 10k thak tell me to be alarmed or really be pleased . it sould not vibrate like you are saying i would have the tyres checked and balanced and gearbox oil and power steering oil replaced and like you said have the car checked over incase something has gone adrift. remember its old and the rubber parts deteorate so it maybe a lower joint thats on its way out
  15. 20-30 miles. you should not allow it to run low as you may cause problems with and settlement in the tank being pulled into the filters and blocking them