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  1. Blower Resistor

    i done one on a fiesta and it was easy as one the fiesta its lucated under the glove box. it was a 99 plate fiesta i worked one the part cost about £10.00 and its a single screw to remove and refit.
  2. Buyers guide KA Mk2

    no leaks or rusting atall as from 2010 onwards its basically a fiat 500 1 4 years or 120k based on a 1.2 fiat 500 engine but fords may differ 2 no rust 3 no leaks.. we had the ka2010 and it leaked on the gearbox seal had it replaced under warranty. 40 on the clock at the time of leak and it was a ford box if i had to pay the cost would have been approx £240 4 no leaks in car 5 all electrics are fine some of the kas from 2010 has a ford lump in and some the fiat lump. drive a fiat 500 then the 2010 ka its basically the same but the ka is much cheaper
  3. Air bag dashboard lights.

    check the wires underneath the seat as they play up sometimes and cause a short if the seat is moved back and forward
  4. MK7.5 Fiesta ST-Line - Subtle Mods!

    mrg take care modding the car as the way your going it looks like you may invalidate your insurance. even a change of radio in a car can invalidate the insurance unless you notify them . my son has the st3 with all the extras added by ford . the lit up scuff plates are a great touch. just dont over do it as your starting to look like a boy racer just by removing the eco badge and changing the mirror covers

    hope its sorted
  6. Misfire after cambelt change

    take abck to garage to get it fitted correctly if the problems started after the belt was fitted
  7. Misfire after cambelt change

    can i ask why you had the cam belt changed at 62k. it does sound like the belt is not set correctly or they messed with something and may have damaged it. i would not pay anymore for any parts as its their fault the car is playing up unless it was like it prior to having the belt done. i understand having the aux belt changed but the cam belt ?
  8. Ford KA dent and paint been removed

    looking at about £400 - £500 i recon to do a proper job. panel beater filler respray
  9. The selector maybe slipping. Get under the car and look at the bar that comes off the gear shift and see if the clamp that connects it to the rod from the gbox is secure and not moved
  10. you would be best to run the tyres down thats on the car and get new wheels and tyres that are more standard sized after the winter. https://www.mytyres.co.uk/start.html?s_kwcid=AL!432!10!3374297465!40880788289&ef_id=WJq67AAABaQA5ko9:20171024052540:s http://www.k300performance.co.uk/apps/tyre-size.php?tyrenum=195%2F45+r16+84v
  11. trust ford ashton gate are a bunch of dicks. i was going to buy a new fiesta and and pay cash and all they wanted to sell me was what they had on the forecourt in the colour of their choice and on finance. they had a really bad attitude and tried the salesmans patter on me but i already prepared for them as i think i know more answers than they did as i always do my reseach first. next time its a part you need goto the parts place as they go out their way to help you the car if 4 yrs+ so its obviously out of warranty and you should have done the usual light checks prior to taking for the mot
  12. Ford ka start up problem

    have the altenator checked or replace it with a second hand one. it may pay you to take off the and clean it with brake cleaner or wd40 the car in the video maynot be the same as your one but it will give you an idea what to look for.
  13. Front & rear bumper clips

    if the hole is too big then fit a wall plug on the new clip and then fit it to the car
  14. How much more fun is the St to Zetec-s

    so did you go for the st3 pompeydave as you have not got back to us btw im 54
  15. best of luck getting it sorted