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  1. Hi all Thank for the replies the car has been on the formidable software and the codes that come up are P0404 P0405 P0406 P0409 All to do with the EGR I hav had it off cleaned blanked and put back oniony just have to get a new one and see if that makes a difference All the pipes have been taken off the car to look for splits then once put back on to check for leaks when the engine is revved everyone of them swelled up when turbo kicked in It's driving me mad lol
  2. hi all my car is smoking heavily the smoke is pure black when setting off and only last between 1500rpm to 2500 rpm then gets a bit better also when iam going uphill will smoke so much that i cant see behind when i put foot on gas sometimes needs a bit of power just to move the car from standstill i have searched the forum and no one has the same problem checked all pipes and they are perfect no rips build up good pressure they have been taken off the car one by one also have changed the intercooler just in case that was the problem but still the same car has been decated just to see if it makes a differnce but nothing still the same changed the electric acutator for the turbo aswell just incase it sticks open turbo spools over no play on the shaft egr and inlet been cleaned out plus egr has been blanked off using a blank with a hole in it for the euro 4 model i have noticed a noise from the air box kind of rumble that gets louder i ve checked all hoses from here and have had it of the car to check for splits but nothing car has recently had new injectors fitted and new clutch flywheel car is a taxi and has done 160k any advice would be much appreciated cant drive the car as its to smokey and dangerous for ppl behind me cheers