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  1. Hi, Does anyone have an aftermarket CanBus alarm fitted to there mk7 Fiesta like I have?. I have a Clifford 330x fitted for over two years with no issues and yesterday just did a few tests to make sure it was all working as it should, I wanted to test the doors so armed it with the remote and unlocked it with the blade key assuming the Clifford alarm would still be armed. It actually disarmed it off the key which I'm sure isn't right, it should only disarm off the remote. I've currently got the alarm installer looking into this with Clifford. Just wondering if anyone has had similar issues or this is normal. Cheers Simon. Link to my alarm below.
  2. Evening all, Just a heads up for anyone who is interested in buying this from me, I've advertised it in the parts for sale section so full details are there. This is a link to it on Mountune's website - I'll be uploading pictures once it's been removed from my car. cheers Simon.
  3. No worries, I've popped a post in the parts section. Would it be allowed to mention it specifically on the fiesta forum but only to tell them it's advertised in the for sale area?.
  4. Gorgeous!!, love it and hope to have one one day but in the meantime I'm happy with my Zetec S!. Do you know anyone who wants a catback exhaust for a Zetec s?, I've just advertised it on here.
  5. Sounds a nice car and excellent tyres those 🙂 one day I'd like to upgrade to an ST and with the mk8 out they should keep dropping in price hopefully for the mk7's. yeah definitely like that guy said to you it's a very common issue particularly on the Fiesta's
  6. Hi Ian, really sorry for delay in reply. Yes all good thank you and total silence, such a nice feeling. It feels tighter all-round and planted to the road more, I had my tracking checked and drivers side was way out!. I'd only had it checked recently but he's advised every 4 months for me, mainly because I'm running on 205/40/17 wheels so easily knocked out. The state of the roads don't help!!, Unfortunately I need a new o/s/r tyre as it's cracking between the tread, this explains why I'm getting a worn wheel bearing type noise. I'm taking it tomorrow for the tyre so slowly but surely getting there, it's been an expensive few weeks!. Cheers Simon.
  7. It looks great 🙂 they really are nice looking cars aren't they. I know what you mean that noise had totally spoilt the driving experience so can't wait to have mine changed, maybe while I've owned it it's probably never been tight due to these bushes wearing so I reckon it will feel like yours when it's done. I'm pleased with that price it seems reasonable to me, I know the garage I used to go to would have been a lot more.
  8. Really pleased it's all quiet for you and I think this explains why my car feels like it's pulling allover the place on poor roads despite the tracking been checked twice!!. I can't wait to get them replaced and might feel like driving it properly!!, They called me back earlier and it's going to cost me £192.38 and that's genuine Ford bushes. I'm going in next Tuesday :).
  9. Well it didn't quite go to plan at the garage due to a mix up with the courtesy car but I've taken it after work so they could have a quick look as ironically the noise has got worse this last week so they actually heard it tonight and they have a pit in the garage so I went down and had a look with him. He used a bar on the n/s/r bush and could clearly hear it squeaking so it's shot basically, I'm just so relieved I know what it is!. I'm really looking forward to getting them swapped out and will hopefully feel like yours and be silent. It's making more noise than ever now lol worse since he's moved it about. I'll let you know how much it is when they phone me tomorrow. Hope yours is still silent?!.
  10. I'm sorry late reply, I didn't know you had replied until today!. Well done on completing it, looks quite a job and obviously time consuming and I can see if you pictures they are totally shot! I'm pleased it all looks to be sorted for you and I'm hoping I have a similar outcome although they don't as yet suspect mine are worn. Thing is how can you tell unless you strip it down?, surely if you have a lot of noise at the back end and the springs and shockers are ok it's surely got to be the bushes. It's good news that it tightens everything up so must drive better. You've saved yourself a small fortune then doing it yourself. 🙂
  11. This Bridgestone on the back off side has been on a while, it was on when I bought it so I suspect it's the same issue. The tyre place thought it was coming from this side, trouble is the other 3 are new lol. I only had a new Bridgestone on other side because I got a nail in it, I've got two Avon's on the front and very impressed. The Bridgestone are a hard compound. I hope it is the axel bushes and it cures your fault and I'd like to think I've got same issue so least I know then. I know what you mean as it makes that noise from front aswell when it's cold weather.
  12. They look good 🙂 really hope it sorts out your issue. I know mine was a few years old when I bought it but seems to have been very reliable upto this point. Main issues since I've had it are - Noisy water pump- changed under warranty by garage. Squeezing front brakes at low speed, had to cure by having new discs and pads. Rubber strip's on inside of door coming away, just glued them back on lol. Cold start issue where it splutters and nearly stalls but seems ok now I just put redex through it a few times and works a treat. I've got what sounds like a wheel bearing noise but after checks it's likely a rear tyre so next job after this n/s/r headache!. I pretty sure mine has got to be spring/shocker related as it's really making a loud crunching noise from that area when it drops off speed bump but at speed it's making a noise but different I'm assuming both related. I could be wrong and it could be axel bush, would it make that kind of noise?.
  13. That's low!! Mines a 2011 and covered about 69,000 I always forget so double check tomorrow. I suppose it's still low for the year. I look after it and don't thrash it, it's the first Ford I've had since I was 18 and think the Fiesta is superb really. It feels so well engineered.
  14. It sounds like yours might be that then, I'm wondering if mine is a different issue but maybe not. Surely they will spot this when it goes on if it's worn out.
  15. I'll watch that video later so do you reckon it's definitely these bushes that are the likely cause?. I need to make sure they check them properly, and I don't know if a worn axel bush would make that kind of noise I'm getting coming off a speed bump. The garage I use told me they change a lot so you'd think they would have checked them on mine but who knows. I'll forgot the Ford dealer then!, I just want it resolving now it's just annoying.