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  1. Hello again! Whilst absolutely enjoying every minute with our "new" Skoda Scala, I thought it would make you all feel better to know that electronics problems are not just unique to the Focus after all. Guess what, we have a problem with the infotainment system, in that when you switch on the ignition and it has loaded, it tells you "Software Update available". So you hit "ok" and it duly tells you it is loading, etc. and before long its changed to "Software up to date". Good. Next time you switch on the ignition, lo and behold, a software update is available, you let it load, and its all up to date again - except that next time you switch on ............... I have put a thread on the Skoda equivalent of this forum, and it turns out there are others out there with similar problems. Because of Covid I have not been to the local dealer yet, but it does seem that the car companies have a way to go yet to get their computing electronics as reliable as their engines.
  2. Hi folks, just a note to say goodbye. Yesterday we traded in our 11 month old Focus for an ex-demo Skoda Scala 1.0 litre SE L DSG (the car we had originally wanted last year, but was unavailable to order at that time owing to certification delays post-VWgate). It costs of course, trading in at this young age, but the Scala is a lovely car, and we feel it was well worth it to get the electronics problems behind us. By the way, we had to drive 180 miles on motorways to the Skoda dealer to pick it up, and by the time we got there the stop/start on the Focus still did not work, so maybe there is more to it than battery level.......? Best of luck with all the issues - I shall continue to watch with interest how things go!
  3. That's not good ,Gilli. Our car continues to behave impeccably on most fronts since the telematics module was replaced back in February, not that its done more than a couple of hundred miles since then. The sensors go peculiar-sounding very occasionally, but seem to correct themselves by the next start up. Oh, and the passenger door "magic" unlock seems to go on strike when it feels like it, probably about 25% of the time. Can't wait to change the car for something a little less electronic that actually works all of the time!
  4. On the battery question, I was worried about our car with it having so little use (and also having read some dire comments on that subject in the thread), and charged it up over a couple of days using one of these "smart" chargers that varies the rate so as not to damage the battery. Guess what? The auto stop/start worked for 24 hours! As regards the main reason for this thread, since the "faulty" telephonics module on ours was replaced six weeks ago, everything has worked as it should, no Emergency Call System failures, no problems at all. But I still don't trust it............
  5. Other events are probably more important than this, but I thought I should let you know that since our car was at the dealer for a long weekend 28 Feb. - 3 March when they fitted a replacement ?"telematics module" (presumably with the latest program as at that date loaded), it has behaved impeccably for the first time in two months - no more "Emergency Phone...." messages, etc.; the satnav. and FordPass app also work as intended. Magic! The auto stop/start worked for just 24 hours, but I am sure that is another separate matter.
  6. The car went in over the weekend for a couple of days, and I was told " the Telematics Module has been replaced, and everything works". It does seem to, no messages about the Emergency Phone - so far! I had mentioned the start/stop situation when it went in, and was advised "don't worry, that's only there to meet legislation, and it won't work if the battery is not well charged". I will keep you posted on any developments...........................
  7. Guess what? The auto stop/start has stopped (if you see what I mean). Ah well, it was only back for a couple of days, and I won't miss it - but its another thing that I paid for and simply doesn't work. This will be our first and last Focus.
  8. Took the car in to the dealer yesterday for the day as arranged. Just to add to the interest the Pre-collision Assist had gone off twice the day before for absolutely no reason! They advise that they updated/reloaded the system for the connectivity problems (Emergency Phone malfunction/no wifi/no FordPass/no traffic on satnav.), tested it and it still failed - so a replacement module now on order. As the parking sensor "weird noise" happened only once, I have to monitor it further. The Pre-collision Assist system was checked and found ok, so camera alignment reset, and again I must monitor. Interestingly, on the journey home from them today the Stop/Start system cut in four times, something it has not done for weeks; having read other posts about this, I had assumed that this had been due to insufficient charge in battery to make it work in wintertime (I love my heated seat!), but obviously something changed yesterday with that system. So I still have the main problem for another whole month until they can fit me in for an auto loan car on a Friday (to avoid a double journey through the whole city at rush hour). That will be the fourth trip to them with these problems, and I am not a happy bunny.............
  9. Another oddity this evening, presumably related - the car would not lock via the touch spot on the front door handles after I put it into the garage. I checked that all doors and hatch were properly shut (they were), and tried to lock it again several times by touch on both front doors; no joy. In a slight state of panic I tried with the fob and it locked - after which the car would happily lock and unlock via the touch points on the front doors! The "bug" seems to strike anywhere quite randomly; my front speakers always seem to be alright (so far.........).
  10. Hi, I am another one with problems. A fortnight after purchase in August the WiFi etc. stopped working and the screen kept freezing. Took it to the dealers who allegedly patched it with an update, and all was well until three weeks ago when the dreaded "Emergency Call System malfunction" warning light came on - and has done so within 1-3 minutes of starting every journey since. Dealer had it for an afternoon to reload software, but had to give up when only 30% loaded after 90 mins. They now want it for a full day as they say the download will take 4 hours, so have to wait three weeks for loan car availability..... In the meantime the sensors have made a peculiar noise on one occasion, and all connectivity is lost, so no updates on satnav., Fordpass app. not working, etc.