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  1. Thanks for that. I have previously got the car into training mode but don't know what to do after that. The manual states to then use the tool to train the TPMS valves. Thinking why show you a manual way if you have to use the tool on step 2. Do you put it into training mode then drive the car
  2. Hi all, Just had 2 new tyre valve pressure sensors fitted. The garage tell me that they are self learning and recognise themselves in time. Is that correct?
  3. Yeah, I agree not a major issue. Think it is just Ford thing as Mondeo drivers also complain of the same issue. Was just hoping they may be a quick fix just to make it that little smoother
  4. Hi all, When selecting 1st gear at a stand still, it is a little difficult getting it into gear. Other gears seem to be fine although I would not describe changing gears to be smooth at all. Is this normal, I have read that Mondeos are the same. Just wondering if I have a problem or it is just a Ford thing.
  5. Hi all, For topping up coolant, will any type be OK or do you need a specific type?
  6. Hi, Does anyone know how to replace the wing mirror indicator. I assume once the casing is removed, it may be simple. I however not too sure how to remove the casing.
  7. PeterBfd


    Thanks,yes it is the yellow 20A one, which I assume is the Micro2
  8. PeterBfd


    Hi all, Does anyone know what type of fuse I would need for the passenger side fuse box. There seem to be 2 sizes in there, it is the tiny ones I need. Think it is a Micro but is it micro2 ?
  9. Soon after I bought the car, the battery was flat one day. I got it charged enough from another car and took it to Halfords. They tested the battery and said it was fine. So bought a battery charger and charged it up it was then fine and has been fine since (assumed sat in garage for a while) I sometimes charge it up full again as after a week or so the heated screen and start/stop does not work. These have rarely worked in the almost 3 years I have had the car (not a major issue apart from when it is icy). I just feel there is too much going on in the car for the battery that it takes. Fully charged now will be OK for a good amount of time (albeit the start/stop will stop working very soon). MOT due next month, so will ask them to check out the battery then.
  10. Just gone back out to the car and all is now fine. Odd. Will just put it down to low battery and doing odd things due to being low. The reverse beep was sounding odd also the other day, separate issue but a low battery may be the comman factor. Still on charge, will see how it over the next few days
  11. OK, yes negative connected to body. Done this few times now to get the start stop working. I have located the radio fuse and taken it out and it looks fine. Put it back in and it now buzzing from the speakers
  12. The car is on charge and i will leave it overnight. It is the entertainment area which will not turn on. All the other screens work fine I believe I have sync 2
  13. Hi All, Today the radio was on standby, when I pressed the standby to turn it on, the symbol disappears and then appears again and does not turn the radio on. Any ideas.... Thinking maybe a power saver due to low battery so I have out the battery on charge ?
  14. Hi, Needing new front tyres soon. Do I need to replace the sensor valves each time I get new tyres (after all, they are only rubber that can deteriorate) Thanks
  15. Thanks for all the great advise, I will try them all.
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