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  1. It is not a warning light, it is a message that comes up say "Oil level low" top up.
  2. Hi All, I have now topped up my oil and it on the Max line. However, The car still beeps and say low oil ??? Is there a reset I don't know about or is it sounding like a replacement sensor is needed?
  3. Got the 0W30 oil and topped the level up.... The level was at the minimum mark, I have put a full 1 litre in it now and it is now at the middle mark. However, it still says oil level low so have now bought another 1 litre. Is this normal, usually when topping up cars usually take about half litre or so and all is well. Not with the Edge, its gulping it down just to top up
  4. Hi All, Quick question, my Edge has indicated that the oil needs topping up. However, which oil do I need, I am guessing The Stop Start 0W-30 (and Castrol as Ford tend to use this) Am I correct or will any 0W-30 do. Thanks
  5. I had one that came with my car. A black shiny one with Ford written on it. I thought it looked awful (especially on a White car) but everyone has different tastes. It was difficult to remove so I just snapped it off and chuck it in the bin.
  6. Hi Rik, Mine were fine if anything a little higher than the originals and bright. When fitting them i did give them a wobble to ensure that they were seated properly. Maybe take the rubber covers off the back of the light and see if they is any movement. Other than this i am not sure.
  7. Dont know which i have but it allows me to upload up to i think 32 pics from the usb for the wallpaper. Not tried it yet but might try at the weekend
  8. No prob Rik. It will transform the car well worth doing
  9. Agree no adaptor required. I removed the spring and placed it around the bulb and refitted. A pain at first but once you have a knack its ok
  10. Hi All, I have noticed on the top of the inside door panel, there seems to be what looks like a small LED light on both drivers and passengers door panels. Are these actually lights as I have never seems these lit up ?
  11. These are what I bought and all the same light colour, fitted about a month ago and all is well. Costed a total of £33.84 Fogs - H7's - H15's - I also got the puddle lights for £8.64
  12. Yes i agree. It is does not sound like a simple click. If anything a crunch noise. Don't think it is normal.
  13. Ah Ok, a little annoying. I like a smooth pedal
  14. Hi all, Don't know if this is normal but the clutch pedal seems to click every time it is pressed (about two thirds of the way down). Anyone else have this same issue (if indeed it is an issue) Thanks
  15. Thanks Ian, Think the brightness is similar to the Headlight. It was just the height of the beam on the DRL being higher than the headlight which initially concerned me as I don't want to dazzle people. But as you say these will be on during the day so have to be brighter