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  1. Greetings from darkest Essex. A recent returner to the Ford fold after 15 years driving Renault Scenics (yes, more than one 😳 - blame the local Ford dealer that couldn't be bothered to sell me a C-max after the Mondeo was written off). Previously owned a Mk 1.5 Mondeo Ghia (I loved that car - shame about the pratt in North Wales that didn't see us bearing down on him @ 60 MPH in broad daylight when he pulled out!) and a Mk3 Escort Ghia (Friday afternoon dog!) I've also got an Alfa Romeo Brera for when I don't need something so practical
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    Thank you Alex. I bought the car at 10 months old with only 1600 miles and I've wondered about the battery as the stop/start rarely works. And I thought low battery problems were the reserve of my Alfa,,,,,,
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    I've got a Focus Vignale estate that's got something that niggles me. If I didn't have a dashcam plugged into the 12V/cigarette lighter socket I probably wouldn't have noticed it. Anyway, it cycles randomly through powering off a) when the ignition is turned off b) when a door is opened or c) doesn't power off. But linked into this is locking the doors by touching door handles. In case b) locking works on all the doors but for a) and c) locking (and unlocking) only works on the driver's door Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated
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