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  1. Doesnt actually seem to be much difference between them after looking at that online. They possibly are the same engine i reckon the intercooler and exhaust is the only difference.
  2. I have a ford focus titanium X which has the 2.0 tdci 150ish bhp engine. I am alsp aware that the Deisel Version of the ST has a 185bhp engine output. The 0-60 times of these 2 cars are very close. What gives the ST the extra horse power. Is it a different Map? Do they use the same engine? Is it a different turbo or the same turbo. Also wonder if i can get the same or more power from my current engine. Thanks in advance guys.
  3. I have the massive windscreen mount but no camera. Is there no way of removing the plastic and accessing the unit fron inside the car rather than removing the windscreen.
  4. Do you know what that big camera is called. Ive got the same mount missing the camera and im thinking of doing this too.
  5. I went to my local ford dealer and they said theres no reason for the warning to be on. Its a plug and play system and that once all the looms are on then it should go away. The wrap guy is certain he has put all the looms they are pretty professional ajd he has eveb lableled them all. What else could cause this?
  6. I have obdevelen. will that work or is that only for VAG cars
  7. I reacently got my ford focus wrapped. In the proccess he had to remove the front bumper and parking sensors to get them wrapped. After all the sensors were installed there is a park pilot error. DOes anyone know how to get rid of this warning. The sensors are all funstional it turned on because the sensors were removed but now the warning doesnt go away.
  8. I bought a second hand illuminated door sill and I want to fit it into my focus. However i need the adapter for this connection. Just wonering if anyone knows what the connection that this plugs into is called si i can go purchase it.
  9. I went to nearly 20 places that specialise in ford and verious other accident repair shops. All of them said this was impossible and there is not room on the bumper. One also claimed that the bumper would split if holes were drilled. I then took it to a specialist repair shop who also does damage repair ford west mids police (theyre called RS Motors). They quickly told me that this was no problem and that they do this all the time. It took them around 1 hour and theyve done a excellent job and also covereed it under warrenty. Finally my automatic parking system works with my st bumper.
  10. I reacently swapped my titanium x front end for a ST front end. I realised that the front parking sensors can no longer be fitter so I removed them. However, Now there is a park pilot error and none of the parking sensors work. How do i disable park pilot and switch my car to rear parking sensors only sience they are untouched??? Can a ford mechanic help with this?
  11. Im having a hard time finding a mechanic who can actually drill the specific ford focus parking holes. No one seems to have that cutout shape. Ive also been told by one machanic that the ford focus st bumper is too thin and it will split if you try to drill parking sensor holes.
  12. I am going attempt to install the parking sensors in the front. I will put the first two sensors in the front grille and then the other two above the vrease of the bumper(they will be quite high) and I hope it wont spoil the look too much but also that it will work.
  13. where can i find out all this infromation when I am buying the speedo cluster?
  14. Im really not a fan of the blue needles on the standard mk3.5 focus focuses. As the focus st speedps have red in them and personally look better, I was wondering if the swap is indeed plug and play or will there be a lot more work with it as the titanium x speedp only goes up to 160mph whereas the st model speedo goes up to 180mph.