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  1. Happy Birthday Merkur XR4ti!

  2. Hello to you guy's ;) I thought that I shoud join a new sort of forum and have a chat with other FORD petrol heads. I have owned loads of Old Ford's and new one's too, but always go back to the past it is where my heart is :P so sorry if I !Removed! anyone off but hey ho thats life I have anumber of cars bbut my new toy is a MERKUR XR4ti and for all the guy's that dont know what it is :P it is a American Sierra XR4 but with a 2.3 Turbo sohc pinto motor that was only buit for the USA and CANADA. saying that there was a few that satyed in GERMANY where they where built by KARMAN. They were NOT an official FORD but sold by LINCOLN MERCURY Dealers for the price close to $19,000.00 back in 1986 :o The car was a lot different the our XR4i, as the hole chassis is a lot better and a hole lot stiffer too. there was loads of options too like heated seats, air con, electric windows, heated electric mirrors, power stearing, centrol locking, sunroof and evern cruise control and leather seat too. Most cars came with it all but the leather seat dont figger hey. If anyone has any information about the Merkur XR4ti please call email or pm me. thanks PaulW