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  1. it was a joke mate sorry if it did not translate well as we all know most ford diesels are pug motors For corrections sake the ecoboost was actually designed by FPV engineering in Australia working with Mazda and only transferred back to the EU in 2014 when FPV closed and John Wheeler took over the performance engine lead.
  2. its 1.6% different thats less than the drop from 8mm to 2mm tread on the standard tyre youll actually see more mpg as the tyre has less rolling resistance
  3. wiring loom that sits on top of the cylinder head under the airfilter, or the big plug on the back of the engine for this loom section pull the airfilter off and look at the loom, has it rubbed through in any visible places
  4. no its because they haven't had a reply from Peugeot who make the engines... the actual reason is that the filter is not getting hot enough probably from the need to keep it cool when its doing its burn cycle, the square factor of maths measn it needs a lot more heating per 5 degrees of temp loss, the map in the ecu is for a warn climate, the update is the cold region update that is installed naturally in countries like argentina, brazil and sweden
  5. probably the abs pump as they are no 1 on the canbus and it will cause the steering fault as the steering angle sensor is controlled by the abs unless its your tja1040 chip in the instrument cluster or the actual soldered on plug the addition of the obd tester has a calming effect on the canbus, a canbus and theres is 3 levels on your car has terminating resistors at each end to stop the signals bouncing back, the obd scanner acts as a sponge and soaks up the signals
  6. there are literally hundreds of possibles do you have any fault codes?
  7. no learned values would not help that A gearbox pressure sensor could be askew, oil level wrong or dirt in that valve with IDS you can do a valve purge to clear them, not on forscan
  8. We dont use Forscan although I have used it many years ago, we have the luxary of being a Ford approved independent garage so we have a VCMM and all the licenses for diagnostics and security. I do know that forscan needs an interface with hi and low can switching for some cars, but I am not sure if that is needed on yours (I don't think so) I think you have to go into the menu with the steering wheel, or wrench and then select it from a drop down Why do you want to do a learned value reset?
  9. the single long tone is the module telling you there is a fault these systems work on a if i have 1 issue i work if i have 3 i dont work, its actually based on a number score system so as a rough example a sensor will score 4 and a warning siren a 7 if the module gets a score of 10 or more it stops
  10. they are all interchangable they are just an emitter and so long as the one you get has a matching plug it will be fine
  11. the fuse blew for a reason Probably the brake light switch
  12. BCM probably not sending the signal internally
  13. its in the dashboard, you can access it via the steering wheel and/or stalk buttons depending on your car specification go into the settings and scroll down to security or driver assistance you can turn it on and off
  14. you need to add a lot more detail to get any real help on a forum, there could be many issues is the car manual? you say it turns off, is this a full engine dies and he has to roll to a stop then wait and it will restart or is it s loss of power and he pulls over