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  1. Any ideas where said transmission filler bolt is??
  2. Yer that was my thoughts 😜😜 , right I guess I'm off the get gearbox oil lol
  3. Hi guys So I have just gone and drained my engine oil and replaced the oil filter..... But after I started to refill with Lili checked the dipstick and the oil was still high ..... So I checked over what I did and had a look over the haynes manual I had and everything I have done looks right ... However when I look only the sump plug seems to be in an entirely different place..... So... What I I just drained?? Photos attached of the two plugs I removed . The first one is the one I drained ( as per the haynes manual) and the second is the one I realise i
  4. True , but I don't think it exists, the engine was replaced before I got the car so although ford are saying it was replaced etc etc. I only have the receipt to go on. So wanted to know what the standard is when these are replaced because of the coolant issues making them blow up
  5. Hi all, Weird question that isn't fixed by looking at the receipt from my ecoboost engine replacement. Does anyone know what parts are replaced when the ecoboost engines went pop? All mine says is 'engine assembly ' replacement and various bolts etc. I suppose what I am really asking is can I reset the counter on getting a timing belt change? Thanks Gary
  6. Hi, Just checked, the carpet it soaked.. anyone ideas on how to fix it, or more importantly how to take the carpet up?
  7. Hi, Thanks for Thai, So the garage has just pressure tested the system and found nothing. Sabina - is your focus an 1.0 ecoboost? As I thought the heater lines didn't run through that way but I could be wrong? Tia
  8. Thanks for that isetta So weirdly I brought a new radiator cap for it to see if it was this and try and start off ruling out the cheap options. So I did a 20mile run this morning and when I left it was at the min level. I checked the coolant 2 hours after I got back and it was above the max level... Im guessing that air is getting in somehow? Odd as I would've thought that's the pressure increases air/coolant is lost , not gained
  9. I just had to do another 300ml top up.. no signs of leaks . What are the signs of coolant leak in a turbo? I'm wondering if this could be possibility
  10. Private sale unfortunately, Also , the oil is still good, no signs of white or mayo
  11. Hi all, So I have just brought a 63 plate ford focus ecoboost 1.0, which had a new engine put in 4k miles ago because of the well known coolant problems, where the engine went pop. Two things weren't quite right the first was an easy fix. - the bonnet open alert was popping up on the dash board, I gave the sensor a quick scrub clean with a bit of wd-40 , now no more problems. The second is that the engine coolant level has now dropped 3 times to below the minimum over the last week. There are no obvious leaks anywhere as far as I can see and I can confirm that the degas pi
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