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  1. I thought that's why all dealers (whatever manufacturer) are nicknamed 'Stealers'. In a similar way that Halfords are nicknamed by some as 'Halfrauds'.
  2. I was just about to post that Corona Virus letter, but 'Turvey' beat me to it. Here's a clear explanation. Anyone remember him from a TV show?
  3. I heard something similar. The 7 dwarfs can only gather in groups of 6, one wasn't happy.
  4. My car did ot come with a spare, only goo and a compressor. I have acquired a spare wheel from my Brothers 06 Fiesta, I'm glad I did as goo will not fix, blow outs, large cut's/punctures, rim and/or sidewall leaks/damage etc, it only fixes simple small punctures. My mk8 has 205/4517 tyres and spare is 175/65 14 which would be correct if specified when new. There is a difference in outside diameter between them both (spare is smaller), so there is a speed restriction of 50 mph (80kph) max when fitted. This the same with all spare tyres.
  5. My understanding is all Fiestas (except ST) come with a 14 inch wheel with 175/65 14 tyre fitted. The ST has large front brake discs and come with 15 inch wheel and a skinny tyre (can't remember size). The one in that advert looks like wheel only as there's also no mention of a tyre. There is no mention of width, but if it's ST spare (likely it is) then will be too narrow for your standard tyre to be fitted.
  6. This is the problem we have got. However, I'm still glad to have a spare, instead of Goo and compressor. Goo only fixes small punctures in certain areas of the tyre, and may ruin the tyre. However, remember once spare is fitted, do not exceed 50mph (80kph).
  7. Jim H

    Oil life

    I though servicing was every 18k miles or 2 years on modern Fiestas? It is on the 1.0, is the ST different? Edit: You have a Focus not Fiesta, so it may be different.
  8. Jim H


    It has been mentioned many times before. Some engines in the past had to be run on Super, as they wouldn't run right normal stuff. However our Ecoboost is perfectly Ok with running on standard 95 octane stuff. If you normally fill your car with cheap supermarket petrol, then put a tank (or few) of Shell V-power, then you may get a difference, due to the extra detergents, additives and octane V-power gives you. However if you normally use premium fuels (shell BP, etc) you'll probably won't notice the difference when using their Super stuff. You will only feel lighter in your back pocket!!!
  9. Reminds me of these old pics or
  10. I tried this today on my mk8. This morning it was raining, so the lights came on. I was able to operate the fog light buttons and they came on. This afternoon, at beginning of journey, lights were off (only DRLls) tried fog buttons and nothing happened.
  11. I always use Shell fuel and have their points app and card. I only use V-Power when it' on off to get more points. The alternative to super fuels is to use fuel additives. Something like this: Millers Petrol Power Plus I have used Millers stuff for many years in previous cars. It not only cleans the insides, but also adds octane/cetane. I don't use it much on my fiesta because of the faff using the funnel to fill it. I know there are some engines that need Super unleaded to run. The VAG 1.4 TSI (turbo + super charged) had to use 98 octane, it wouldn't run properly on normal 95 stuff. Don't think Super will make much difference, certainly won't if engine is naturally aspirated (non-turbo), as yours is.
  12. I've been in Middlesbrough this afternoon and spotted these strange floor signs:
  13. As you gathered from my thread. I need a pair of tyres very shortly. I will probably use a local small independent garage to fit them, possibly after buying tyres online (Camskil, Mytyres etc). I will ask if they could show me the sensors (never seen one before) and will certainly ask if stems are changed.
  14. That's not unheard of from Kwik Fit. You CAN get better than a Kwik-fit fitter!!! I thought and assumed the valve stem was part of the sensor and could not be replaced, only the inner valve core can be changed. I may be wrong. As for balancing, you may have been very lucky and they fitted the tyres in such a way, that weights were not needed.
  15. I keep my cars for a long time, hay it's only my 3rd car since I passed my test in 97! 😮 I have had some tyres that haven't lasted long at all. Uniroyal Rainsport 3s on my previous car, were great summer tyres, but only lasted the summer! After 8 ish months and just less than 8k miles, they were bald!! Rainsport 2s were my favourite.