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  1. When I first started washing cars, I always used MER polish, which did an OK job of things. Used it for many, many years with no probs. Used to wash cars with a hose brush and soap sticks. I now use a wash mitt with 2 buckets, occasionally using snow foam and pressure washer as pre-wash. I then bought a Meguiars kit "Paint Restoration Kit", which contained shampoo, clay + QD, Ultimate compound, and ultimate wax. Always amazed how well clay does, plus Ultimate Compound did wonders for my old scratched black car. Last year, I bought my Red Fiesta, and had ran out of Megs waxes (Ultimate Wax and Cleaner Wax before that), so decided to buy a tub of Soft 99 Fuso coat, after lots of recommendations. Only done it once, but being quite new, didn't polish it, just clayed and waxed it.
  2. When you say, polishing the car, do you mean waxing/protecting the car, there is a difference? Pure Polish/compound removes scratches and swirl marks by abrasion of the clear coat. There are Glazes, which basically fill the scratches, to smooth the paintwork out. However, neither will protect the paintwork, from UV, rain, (not hydrophobic),etc. Glazes, will be removed after a few washes. Waxes and sealants do not remove scratches, put a protective layer on the pain, which is hydrophobic, and enhances the shine. Waxes contain natural ingredients, (Carnuba Wax), Sealants are Synthetic waxes, (PTFE etc). However on the market, there are plenty of all in one products, which do all 3 things. There is, then Coatings, which are a very hard layer on the paint, which protects it, can only be remover, by sanding!, however most have to be applied by a professional detailer.
  3. I still travel to work, my mpg has improved, by a few mpgs, due to lack of traffic. Actually, I've set myself a challenge, do drive to (or home from) the 20 miles, through a town, without stopping at traffic lights (complete stop). I've nearly done it, but not completely.
  4. Can anyone help? I'm looking to download a new version of 2020, as the 3 month trial had a virus. Does anyone know where I can find a new version??
  5. In our household we are paranoid about this. None of the cars have keyless entry. They are kept out of sight in a metal container. The thought was it must be sending something out when the car detects the key when sat in the car, then de-mobilises it to start. It is good to know, as I expected, it doesn't give out a signal to open and start the car, when in the house.
  6. I was just about to start my own thread, but did a search and found this one. This week my car passed 20k miles, so this weekend I thought I'd go out and check fluid levels, tyres etc. I bought the car end of June last year and done approx 11k miles since then. From what I can see from service book, it had one before I got it at beginning of June. What I noticed is the coolant is now virtually at the minimum level with engine cold and I'm sure it was far higher, near max when I got it. Should I be worried about the slight loss?
  7. I agree people in the NHS and care industry are doing a wonderful job and should keep up their great work. ❤️ However there are people who I think are more important. People who work at Power stations, National grid all of the power industry. ⚡ Remember without electricity absolutely NOTHING would run! ⚡
  8. I always use Shell fuel and have their points app and card. I only use V-Power when it' on off to get more points. The alternative to super fuels is to use fuel additives. I have used Millers stuff for many years in previous cars. It not only cleans the insides, but also adds octane/cetane. I don't use it much on my fiesta because of the faff using the funnel to fill it. I know there are some engines that need Super unleaded to run. The VAG 1.4 TSI (turbo + super charged) had to use 98 octane, it wouldn't run properly on normal 95 stuff. However our ecoboost can run happily on normal 95 octane unleaded.
  9. I am not a photographer, I don't have the skills to be one, but I'm just interested in camera equipment, and admire other peoples photos. Yep, I'm in Yorkshire. I live in the North part of North Yorkshire, near Middlesbrough.
  10. Jim H


    Think of it being World War 3 against something so small we can't see.
  11. Unfortunately this is untrue. They are still selling things at "half price" online.
  12. There are Unconfirmed rumours that the DFS sale has finally ended.....
  13. You obviously don't see the benefits of using Winter or All-Season tyres in Autumn and winter, when the temperatures are cold. I am quite happy with directional treaded tyres and never really had any problems with uneven wear. When I rotate tyres, I change front to back on each side, not diagonally. Remember up until 5 or 10 years ago you could only buy tyres with a directional tread, it was hard to find ones that didn't. Nowadays for summer tyres, it's mostly the opposite.
  14. If you have or going to buy the tyre for the spare, make sure it has a non-directional or Asymmetric tread design. Directional tyres (most All-season and Winter) have a direction Arrow on the sidewall can only be fitted to one side of the car. Asymmetric tyres (most Summer tyres nowadays) have 'Inside' and 'Outside' stamped on the sidewall and can be fitted to either side. This advice, of course, it true for any sized spare wheel/tyre.
  15. As said above I watch a lot of YouTube videos. There are a quite a few channels I look at and trust. I've even put most into categories. Car reviews: CarWow, Carbayer, Autoexpress, What Car, The Telegraph, CarGurus UK (I do like reviews with Mat Watson or Rebecca Jackson). Electric Cars: Fullychargedshow (Robert Llewellyn and Johnny Smith), I do like "James and Kate" who do honest and unbiased reviews. Chris Harris on Cars and Drive. I'm sure there's others I've forgotten (Super) car vloggers Shmee150, Supercars of London, Seb Delaney, Seen through Glass, Archie HambletonRacing. Harry Metcalf (ex EVO) who runs Harry's Garage is quite good. Project Builds Project Binky (Bad Obsession Motorsport) - 2 guys building an old mini with Toyota Celica engine and 4wd running gear. 30 min or so episodes every few months (now one virtually every month), brilliantly done with slight humour too. One of only few channels I'm Subscribed to. Detailing Forensic Detailing Channel - Long and thorough reviews of detailing Products, also does group tests. Car Cleaning Guru Pan the Organiser. 'Engineering Explained' is a very good channel, who as you can imagine explains things very well. Car Throttle can be entertaining too. Project Farm - Tests different oils and fuels in engines to see how they perform. Normally a Lawn mower and also has an engine with perspex cylinder head. Non-Car related Techmoan - originally found looking for Dashcam reviews, he now does weird and wonderful audio and video formats reviews. BigClivedotcom - teardown and reverse engineer random electrical stuff. EEBlog - similar to above 8bit Guy, Nostalgic Nerd, LGR, - old computer stuff Linus Tech Tips & Techquickie - Modern Computer and phone reviews Photonicinduction - Tests electrical things using massive electrical power until they go bang! However not been updated for more than 2 years, I've read he will be back soon. Photograpy Camera Reviews - DigitalRev TV and Kai W. Kai Wong is entertaining to watch with decent reviews on stuff Tony & Chelsea Northrup - Techniques and Camera reviews Christopher Frost Photography - Camera Lens Reviews Mike Browne - Camera techniques and how to improve them. Drinks: The CiderDrinker - (Subscribed) I Likes me Zider!!. Real Craft Ale Beer channel, Beer Goggles, I'm sure there's a few more. Over the last year or so I've enjoyed watching Geoff Marshal and All the Stations, who are an entertaining couple who look at stations and railway related bits. The Londonist is quite good too. I'm sure there are other sites I look at, but forgotten. I did wonder about linking them to this post, but there's so many, just copy and paste into YouTube search. With the amount I look at, I think I need to get out more, lol!!