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  1. This months Auto Express (Dec special) has Fiesta 125 Hybrid vs Hyundai i20 hybrid comparison test. I bought it for the all-season tyre test which is also included in it.
  2. I know nothing to do with Covid, but.
  3. Hello and Welcome to the Forum. I thought there might be a filter near the tank, but looking it up, there isn't one. The only filter as such is the charcoal canister for fuel vapours. Diagram here: https://ford.7zap.com/en/car/59/6.23209/20/1556/15499/67589/ I have no idea if the pump/sender unit has a strainer (course filter) on it. Do you have a fuelling issue? Maybe a blockage somewhere?
  4. Hello and Welcome to the Forum. As above. The fiesta has 4 wheel nuts, Puma has 5, so those will not fit. P.S. I recognise the name Hanson and Kenneth from the motorsport I enjoy namely Rallycross.
  5. Can I suggest, when this Lockdown is over hopefully in a few weeks and depending on your area (Tier level), you go to garage(s) and have a test drive in a mk7.5 then a mk8 and decide yourself if the mk8 is worth the extra money. I wasn't sure which one to go for myself. It was either a mk7 Red edition, or a 5dr mk8 st-line. I test drove both and ended up buying the more expensive mk8 st-line X which I'm very happy with it and the decision made.
  6. I meant a lot cars you see on the road 17 plate or newer will be. I knew there was an extra premium for expensive cars. It's the 1st years tax which is emissions based and is variable.
  7. Not bad price. I'd certainly haggle the price down as I'd be wanting far better tyres than those cheap budget ones which I've never heard of. However, it's a mk8 which is £150 to tax and is the same as most cars whatever the emissions are. The Mk8 came out at the same time the Gov revised the road tax system.
  8. Reminds me of a pic I saw on a Facebook group of a Street in Whitby packed with people. Great to see in 2019 (when it was taken), the worst sight in 2020.
  9. If your current battery has no indication of what type it is, then you could get a tape and measure it. Most sites give dimensions of batteries. Obviously don't measure across the terminals with a metal tape! I can recommend Tayna.co.uk for batteries. We've ordered 3 or 4 from them and had quick and great service from them. They are normally far cheaper than sites like ECP. However, as above measure before buying as they suggested the wrong size for my Brothers Fiesta. Bosch or Varta ones are probably your safest bet, (we bought Varta Silver ones).
  10. My dad owned a MG Maestro EFI in 1987 (D789DAJ), the only car he's ever bought brand new. He loved it. It was a very under-rated Hot hatch, the Turbo version was even faster.
  11. Hang on. The Mustang Mach-E SUV thing is electric. I'd forgotten about that, I'm sure I read somewhere (possibly a brochure) about an Electric KA, but maybe I'm wrong
  12. Does Ford make a pure electric car yet? I know you can buy hybrid ones.
  13. I must admit. I rely on the digital gauge, and don't bother with the analogue one. It's quick and easy to read. I drove a Mk 7 fiesta courtesy car and found it strange looking at a dial again.