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  1. I thought I wouldn't like keyless start, as I was so used to key in ignition. I am so used to it now, I won't go back. No worries about finding the key. Unlock car, which can be done in pocket, then get in and go. No worries about finding the key, you can even drive without one, if the passenger has the key in their pocket. First car I drove with it was my parents 2016 Mk3 Fabia SEL. The button is where you normally put key in on steering column. The only downside is the keyfob battery doesn't last that long, and there can be security issues if you leave them close to you front door. You
  2. Is it because you had to wait for the electric fuel pump to pressurise up? That used to happen when you put it into accessory position first. I have a feeling modern cars do it when unlock and open the driver's door, but I may be wrong. As above it might be so you can see if all the warning lights are working.
  3. I'm sure I was recommended to depress clutch when you turned the key. It puts less strain on the starter, (not turning gearbox), plus car won't go anywhere if you accidentality leave it in gear. If starting a (cold) diesel, you wait for glow plug light to go away before starting.
  4. To start, press clutch in, then press button. I think with an auto you press the brake down. I'm not sure how it may (or may not) differ with a diesel having glow plugs. Is yours a diesel? Simple answer is R.T.F.M.
  5. I got warning message when it got down to 5% "change oil soon" I'd booked a service a week or so before, but had to wait even longer due to no courtesy cars being available. It is good to hear Ford does somehow measure and calculate oil quality. I know VAG car have (or had) a sensor in the oil to measure oil quality on cars with variable servicing, although I'm actually sure what it measured.
  6. My parents did not have any side effects from it. However, I have herd from some of my friends who have. Apart from a sore arm, they have felt rough 24h later. Over the last few years I have felt rough a week after having a flu jab, cough, cold headache, etc. Strangely no effects last time I had it in October.
  7. My Fiesta has the same power as the Fabia, but certainly do miss the torque the diesel gave, especially the wallop when the turbo kicked in. I had mine on a rolling road 12 years ago (2009) and got 142BHP, 250ftlb, I've seen people get 150-155 from later engines (BLT, not ASZ) bog standard. The engines are highly tunable too, I didn't, but wish I did. I know of a Fabia who got 300+ BHP out of the PD130. He called his a Mongral, as it started life as a PD100. Darkside has one, with 350-400bhp and a map(s) that you can change whist driving.
  8. I'm guessing you mean this stuff: https://www.halfords.com/motoring/car-cleaning/car-wax/farecla-g3-super-gloss-paste-wax-200g-297494.html As above, you don't need to wax the car every time you wash it. Only reapply when you see a lack of beading. You can rinse it with a pressure washer, as long as you're not too close. (reduce pressure if pos). Do not under any circumstance use the rotating circular nozzle which some have. These can damage/remove paint! You don't need to clay/decontaminate every time you clean the car (I don't anyway), however, if/when you do, you will probably have
  9. Holy thread revival Batman!! Anyway, welcome to the Forum. I bought Crossclimates for my Fiesta last year and measured them at 7mm. I always thought new tyres are about 7-8mm when new. I can remember measuring Uniroyal RainSport 2 at 8 or 9 mm which probably helped wear and great wet performance. I can't comment on life of Crossclimates, but my OEM Pilot Sport 4s lasted a long time.
  10. We have ran Vredestines on or previous cars (not mine though). Both Summer and All-season Quatracs, with no problems. HiTrac and Quatac 2&3s used to be the top tyres in Auto-Express. We found them great in the snow, although I'm sure the small skinny (185) size helped.
  11. The 1.9 PD TDI will go on forever, as long as you use the correct oil to the right VW spec. If you don't say goodbye to those camshafts. I had a PD130 in my Fabia and always ran it on 5W-40 VW505.01 oil. I have heard the later Common Rail (CR) engines were more refined and quieter. You don't say which year those cars are. Early cars will not have a DPF to worry about (my Fabia didn't have one). I can't remember which year they were introduced.
  12. I have never driven or sat in the hybrid myself, but I have seen pics of a gauge you can display on the dash that shows when you are using power and when in regen. https://www.parkers.co.uk/ford/fiesta/review/mpg-running-costs/ I have also seen pics of a similar thing in the Puma Hybrid's digital dash. There is a mention of the different lights in this good review of the Fiesta Hybrid. It's from approx 4:50.
  13. Have a look at this test, which I was referring to. It's for 195/65 15s https://www.tyrereviews.com/Article/2018-AutoBild-Summer-Tyre-Overview.htm The only downside is it's from 2018 I have just realised it was a Hancook that came top, not Kumho. Both are still well known names, though. I think I looked at another test.
  14. If I can remember, on the Fiesta you put keys at bottom of dash, near gear leaver to overcome the imobilaser. https://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/vdirsnet/OwnerManual/Home/Content?variantid=4477&languageCode=en&countryCode=USA&Uid=G1867407&ProcUid=G1867411&userMarket=GBR&div=f&vFilteringEnabled=False I think on our Fabia you hold it over the start button, which is on steering column where ignition switch is normally found.
  15. I normally say never skimp on tyres, it's the only thing that is in contact with the road! Toyos are a well known mid-range tyre brand. I always advise not to buy cheap budget (Chinese) tyres. The CF 2 are OK in tests, Tyre reviews - Proxes CF2 Some Kumhos do quite well in tests, (top in your size) so could be a good an alternative. I don't know how much extra they will be, but won't be as much as premium (Goodyear/Conti/Michelin, etc) will be.
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