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  1. I have looked at a Mk6 fiesta Brochure, (dated Sept 2005) that I have and this is what I found. 1.6 Durotec 100ps Durashift auto Trans: 11.0 sec 1.6 Durotec 100ps (Zetec S) : 9.0 sec 1.6 Durotec 100ps - 10.2 sec There is a note that says all figures are for 5 speed manual, unless otherwise stated. So I'd imagine your car does 0-60 in 11 seconds. It will be the older 4 speed auto box. My Brother had a 2006 1.6 auto in Ghia trim and liked it. It was quick enough for him. They are good cars.
  2. It's a shame they don't do Race Red either. There is "Colorado Red", but I'm not sure if that's the same shade.
  3. Yep. Anything different may effect your speedo and mileometer, plus insurance companies may not be happy too. I would imagine wider and lower profile tyres will be far more expensive to buy. So, as above, stick with standard ST size. They will be the cheapest and safest choice. For Mk8 it will be 205/40 18.
  4. Hello and Welcome to the forum. Which engine is it (size/power), petrol or diesel? I may be wrong but I think only the ST had an engine cover, but I'm not sure about diesels. Style+ is a trim level which you may get a variety of engines with.
  5. Good choice. Tuesday these were fitted to our other car (Mk3 Skoda Fabia). Expensive, but should last a while. In saying that the original Bridgestones they replaces still had plenty of tread (3-4mm) after 5years and 28k miles, however they were cracking up. They were £312 fitted by a local garage.
  6. I ran a few sets of Rainsport 2s on my previous car and love them, brilliant in the wet, not too bad in winter and lasted quite well. I replaced them with the 'improved' Rainsport 3s which were just as good in the wet, but for me only lasted the Summer. 7-8k mile later and they were bald! That put me off buying Uriroyals again. They also have a reputation of soft sidewalls which may be more prone to (pothole) damage. I replaced them with Assymetric 2s which had better wear. However I think the OP is wanting All-season type tyres not these summer tyres. These will not only give good grip in the wet and dry, but will cope a lot better in winter when temps are cold. I can remember getting wheelspin in top gear when accelerating using Goodyear summer tyres, many years ago.
  7. Last year, for my size (205/45 17) Michelins were about £5 per tyre more than Goodyears on Camskill, approx £120 + fitting. They went up in price when I bought Goodyears in Feb which came out the same as Mich I bought in Sept.
  8. Black and round ones I always found are the best! 😛 Anyway, I am currently running 2 pairs of all seasons on mine. Michelin Cross climate+ and Goodyear 4 seasons. The Crossclimates are more of a summer biased tyre with winter capabilities whereas the Goodyears do better in snow/wintery conditions. Michelin have now launched the Crossclimate 2 which has show improvements in all areas of tyre testing. Tyre reviews have just tested them compared to the old ones to prove this. Later this month they will do a full test comparing them to the competition.
  9. If you are worried about E10, you can either use Super unleaded, or use additives every time you fill up. Millers and other companies make them. This one combats the effects of extra ethanol: https://www.millersoils.co.uk/products/eps/ I don't know if they will make a multi-shot bottle to save using one bottle every fill. If your car/bile needs 4* (leaded), then lead replacement additives can also have ethanol additive combined. https://www.millersoils.co.uk/products/vspe-power-plus-multi-shot/
  10. Any of these of any use? https://cardiagn.com/ford/fiesta/ You can download them on some cars, but some you can only view and print. If you want explode diagrams of parts then try this: https://7zap.com/en/catalog/cars/Ford/brand/21/0/Fiesta
  11. Have you still got the link for it? I was quoted over well £100 for jack, tools, clamp and polystyrine bit etc by the main Stealer. I currently use an old jack from a previous car, but would prefer the proper Ford one.
  12. It should be easy to find a spare as they are all the same (apart from ST) and haven't changed for at least 15 years. They all have the same tyre 175/65 14 on a steel wheel. The one from my Brothers 2006 Mk6 fits my 2018 Mk8. The ST had bigger front brakes, so used a 15 inch wheel with a skinny (space-saver) tyre (see link above). The only trouble I have is the spare is shorter than standard 17 inch low profile wheel/tyres. However it is only to be used to get puncture/tyre fixed/replaced. 50mph/80kph max speed. If you buy one with a jack (or one separately), you may the scissor (diamond shaped) type to get under the sills, the older type does not fit under mine, but the ST-line models might have lower (Sporty) sills than your model. The standard suspension may be lowered too. I must admit I still prefer a spare wheel/tyre of any sort rather than relying on compressor and goo.
  13. I wish Skoda would produce another Fabia vRS. I loved my mk1 and the mk2 sold quite well. I have heard they are not going to, but the new mk4 will get a 1.5 150BHP engine mated to a DSG box which might be quite quick.
  14. I heard some bad news about the GR Yaris. https://www.topgear.com/car-news/hot-hatch/bad-luck-toyota-gr-yaris-sold-out-until-2023
  15. I you don't have another phone, try a different USB cable, to see if that makes a difference.
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