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  1. I have just looked at a 2006 Mk6 Brochure and there are slots below the heating controls on cars with optional climate control. These are I presume the internal air temperature sensor. Cars (like yours) without climate control don't have these slots. The top slots you are talking about is a coin holder. I originally wondered what the slot is by the gear leaver on the Mk8 is, again not in owners manual. It has be established on here that it is a slot for car park barrier tickets or credit/debit cards.
  2. I was going to say R.T.F.M., but I don't think it's in the owners manual. As above it is a coin holder. If there is any open narrow slots, they will be for the internal air temp sensor used by the heating climate control.
  3. I too don't want Apple, although I've never tried it so don't know if I like it or not. I would use a Raspberry (pie), and can remember Apricot computers. There is of course Linux for Geeks, and which most of the Internet servers run on. I have a feeling Android is a form of Linux. My Father uses Ubuntu on his old Dell Laptop. As for Photo editing I use the well established (and free) GIMP. I don't want to pay for Photoshop/lightroom. For simple editing, cropping, basic colour adjustments, etc, I use the default Windows photo editor.
  4. I simply use M$ Paint. Use dropper to pick colour, then draw shape around it and fill with colour. You didn't say what system you use, so have no idea what to use on Apple or Android.
  5. Hello and Welcome to the forum. It should be easy to find a spare as they are all the same (apart from ST). They all have the same tyre 175/65 14 on a steel wheel. The one from my Brothers 2006 Mk6 fits my 2018 Mk8. The ST had bigger front brakes, so used a 15 inch wheel with a skinny tyre. The only trouble I have is the spare is shorter than standard 17 inch low profile wheel/tyres. However it is only to be used to get puncture/tyre fixed/replaced. 50mph/80kph max speed. I must admit I still prefer a spare wheel/tyre of any sort rather than relying on compressor and goo.
  6. You presume the one that is fitted dumps air to atmosphere. Some after-market ones (if it is one) can re-circulate the air. My advice would be to look to see if it is adjustable and certainly take it back to the garage who fitted it to see if they can sort it. Was there anything wrong with the original one or did she want to upgrade it? At least this thread isn't about a dump valve for a diesel. These simply don't work and are pointless.
  7. I don't know what they are like nowadays, but the old original ones had a reputation of doing what name suggests, Breaking at night! However I'd imagine all high output performance bulbs will have a shorter life than standard ones. I ran Philips Extreme bulbs on my last car and had no problems.
  8. SERIOUS LOCK DOWN ADVICE Everyone PLEASE be careful because people are going crazy from being locked down at home! I was just talking about this with the microwave and the toaster while drinking my tea, and we all agreed that things are getting bad. I didn’t mention any of this to the washing machine, because she puts a different spin on EVERYTHING!! Certainly couldn’t share with the fridge, cause he’s been acting cold and distant! In the end
  9. I would imagine it doesn't have one as it's not a true hybrid. I'm sure plug-in hybrids or ones that can run on electric only, have some sort of gauge, either level or miles to go. However if I had one of these fiestas, I'd be interested in battery levels. This would be useful if 'pressing on' if it runs out and/or when it is full again.
  10. You CAN get better than a Kwik-Fit fitter!!
  11. If you watch Jamie CTR's review on the car (on page 2 of thread), he mentions stop/start and regen. He found a way of adjusting stop/start levels in one of the menus. He also complains (approx 10 min into) that he does not like sport mode. If you lift off, initially it will slow down normally (engine breaking), but then a second or so later, hybrid regen kicks in. I don't think he found a way to adjust it, apart from just using 'normal' mode.
  12. There are legal issues around retro-fitting LED or HID Xenon bulbs into normal headlights, so I wouldn't bother. I'd personally fit Philips high output (halogen) bulbs. I don't know what they are like now, but older Osram Nightbreakers had a reputation of doing what the name suggests, breaking at night!!! However most high output bulbs have a shorter life than normal ones.
  13. When mine goes erratic, I just turn them off and back on again, which seams to solve it. If the opposite happens, and I want them to wipe, I flick sensitivity up and down a notch.
  14. A good soaking in penetrating oil helps (PlusGas etc, not WD40), if they still don't move with leavers, try something like this. https://www.halfords.com/tools/hand-tools/automotive-tools/laser-wiper-arm-removal-tool-221975.html
  15. I have used https://www.tayna.co.uk/ for batteries on all of our cars. Great service with tracked delivery. We bought Varta Silver for both Skoda Fabias and my brothers Mk6 Fiesta. Not sure if it's cadmium technology, but seamed to fine in his car. However, unless existing one has size type, please measure before buying as they suggested the wrong size for the Fiesta.
  16. And so it was, Jessie Christ was born.
  17. Thank you, I will have to R.T.F.M. again, as I didn't realise the car had a rear towing eye attachment. I while ago the car got stuck in mud and had to be towed out. Couldn't find an eye, so wrapped rope around rear beam. I will also have to have another look to see if our other car, (Mk3 Fabia) has a rear one also.
  18. Are we all ready and excited.. Only 370 days until Christmas.
  19. BREAKING NEWS 'Driving home for Christmas' has been banned on all UK radio stations.
  20. Hello and Welcome to the forum. Does your car have auto climate control? The air-con might be on, but actually not be working, it only does if it needs to. I'm not sure about Fords, but most cars the air-con does not work at very low outside temps, normally below 4° C to prevent parts from freezing up. As said above, air-con is useful in winter as it de-humidifies the air (removes moisture) to help remove and prevent windows misting up.
  21. Can you remember how much it was? I was quoted £187 for a Jack, clamps and holder etc from a stealer. 😮 For that price I'd want a wheel to be included! I am like the OP, I have a wheel from a Mk6 Fiesta which fits, but the Jack and clamps don't. I need a scissor type jack.
  22. I think it's been explained above and in linked thread. But if you go to the menu (right hand steering wheel button) on My view screen you get these options. It's the top one is the digital spedo. "Calm Screen" is just a blank screen. I use it all the time and rarely look at the analogue dial. I found it strange driving a mk7.5 courtesy car without one. Using a satnav (Waze) I find it under read by 2 mph. ie 72 is real 70, 52 is satnav 50, etc.
  23. I like it. The line spacing on forum indexes needs getting used to. The only thing I'm not keen on is the thread stats on the right hand side of long threads, it makes posts look squashed. Another car forum I post on, who I think uses the same software, shows these stats horizontally near the top of the thread. I have no idea what either looks like on a mobile phone. Also, Is there a post preview button on here, I have never found one? All of the forums I post on have one, it's useful when posting pics or vids to see if they work before submitting them.
  24. You may have to travel a long way to do that. I've not seen a Walmart in this country.
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