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  1. This is the mountune intercooler from the mk7 1.0 would it fit the mk8 1.0 thanks sam
  2. Hello im just wondering does the mk7 fiesta 1.0 mountune alloy intercooler upgrade fit the mk8 fiesta 1.0 thanks sam
  3. Hello im just wondering if anyone can help me im looking at charge pipe upgrade kit but its for the mk7 im just wondering if it would fit the mk8 fiesta st line thanks sam
  4. hello im just wondering how do i change the splash screen logo to the sync 3 ford performance splash screen thanks sam
  5. Ok thank you i was just looking if i could enable them through forscan. Is the rain sensor the same one as the auto lights sensor or do i need to get another sensor ?.
  6. Ok then thank you its only got the auto headlights sensor Already there
  7. Hello im just wondering if anyone can help me what it is i have a MK8 fiesta st line and i want to enable auto winder wipers im just wondering what i need and if it can be done thanks sam
  8. I mean can you change the hole clocks be changed thats what i was meant to say.
  9. Ok thank you i will do ill give it a try later thank you @DG97
  10. Hello i have got a Mk8 Fiesta St line and i can not get the Driver Assist to work all it says is Unavailable i have changed the camera to a H1BT-19H406-BE but still nothing have been on forscan too. Has anyone else had this problem and been able to fix it?. thanks sam
  11. Hello im just wondering i have a mk8 with the clocks with black and white screen in the middle and im just wondering if they can be changed to clocks with the colour screen in the middle
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