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  1. Water Ingress

    hi there and welcome i had this on mine and mine was the roof bar fixings in the end they sealed around them and was fine hope this helps martin
  2. Zetec S Or 3 Dr Titanium - Help Please

    hi there as the others have said i would go for option 2 as well when you come to trade the car in a TTn will still be worth more than the ZS you could get the dress up kit fitted leter too if you wanted :)
  3. Bluetooth Stopped Working

    our one locks the stereo up so i wonder if the software update will sort this too?
  4. Hi to all the smaxers

    ooooooo look lots of old ppl here only joind here as youngest has got a new fiesta! martin
  5. Glow plug light

    hi there it will depend wich dash you have as some are hidden in the menus martin