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  1. Happy Birthday Nick09!

  2. new wheels....opinions...

    I don't like black alloys :(
  3. need abit of help

    WWW.WEBUYANYCAR.COM !!! They buy any car ^^ sell it and pay off the finance.
  4. Private Reg Plates

    I was thinking about getting a personal one before mine came, but when I receiver her, my number plate is FV09HWR, which I read as fvhhhhwr! Which suits the car well I think :P
  5. Some new bulbs fitted to my Mk7

    Thanks for tips guys, was top screw that was giving me probs, had to reach under and do a little pulling about let the clip thing out ^^ Philips blue visions now installed, nice crisp white light :P
  6. Gotta give it some welly, and go easy on the clutch!
  7. Some new bulbs fitted to my Mk7

    Rookie question I know, but have never changed headlights before, and was trying to follow the instructions in the manual to replace lights with my philips blue visions, but I cannot work out how to get the headlight off! Any quick tips?
  8. Pictures of Tinted Fiesta?

    I googled black fiesta titanium for you, should give you a good idea. http://www.extremesalvage.co.uk/images/sto...a-Black-006.jpg http://www.extremesalvage.co.uk/images/sto...a-Black-005.jpg http://www.extremesalvage.co.uk/images/sto...a-Black-004.jpg http://www.extremesalvage.co.uk/images/sto...a-Black-003.jpg http://www.extremesalvage.co.uk/images/sto...a-Black-002.jpg http://www.extremesalvage.co.uk/images/sto...a-Black-001.jpg zetecs sig is also a good one ^^
  9. My breaks have been sounding like a drill on the snowy roads aswell, but they are fine on normal roads so put it down to grip. They still perform okay however, even with the thudding. Stopped me inches away from a motorcylce today who had to perform an emergency stop as the car in front of him on a rondabout decided to quickly swerve and pull back on after he had turned off. Poor bugger nearly skidded off.
  10. I got snowed in up in Lincoln last week down a country lane, was just getting wheel spin in first, so pulled away in third. Had no problems after that, have been using this technique a lot where I live as most of the roads are just iced over, not snowed over, so first is pretty useless at the moment!
  11. I had a problem with reverse for the first few thousand miles, like you I missed the gear about 70-80percent of the time on the first attempt which realy annoyed me at the time, but it slipped my mind because one day it just stopped missing, and I don't think i've missed it at all in the last 5000. Haven't noticed the hum of the electrics, but have never realy looked for it, although i agree with you about mpg, I drive a 1.25, and when i'm on the m25 I like to floor it (night driving) so it gobbles up the petrol, around 30-35 mpg. Have achived around 40mpg in town driving, however I am a very laid back city driver, never realy rev the gears above 2000 rpm. I find it much eaiser to use CD's to the usb/aux in with my iphone as songs can be skipped via the normal controls, so much prefer it. Never have to look away from the road. Only problem other than reverse I've noticed with the gears is that I tend to slip it in 4th if im changing into 2nd quick on a roundabout, but I don't know if thats down to my driving or the gears themselves!
  12. Those Rear speakers again

    So do all the models with only 2 front speakers have the wires into the back? I have the standard style radio and was told by halfords back in July that the car was too new, so they didn't know if they could fit rear speakers!
  13. MK 7 crashed into

    Ahh, everyones wost nighmare! You are very lucky that someone had the deceny to stop. Had my wind mirror side swiped couple of weeks ago on a side road. No note on the windscreen though :( Nick
  14. Mk7 Exhaust from Piper

    Hi, I have the 1.25 petrol. Could bring it down for the day if needed also, but as with robbie would find it hard to leave for 2-3 weeks Nick
  15. Newbie!

    Hi all, i'm new to the forum. I have mself an 09 ford fiesta 1.25 style, covered about 8500 miles so far with no problems. Nicest car i've ever driven! Absoloutly love her, in vision blue, will put up some pics tommo. Hope to chat to you all in the future! Nick