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  1. Rear Window Washer

    Thanks for the help, I will try and get a better look to make sure it hasn't fallen on the ledge behind the light before I get another one. I was looking on eBay and someone was selling a joiner piece on there, for 4mm pipe, is it a standard size or do different car makes use different size pipe? Sorry am not too clued up when it comes to things like this! Must look up car maintenance courses at my local college!! :D
  2. Rear Window Washer

    Thanks for the reply. Both ends of the pipe appear to be straight and clean so I imagine it is a join point. Cannot see the connecting piece so not sure where that has gone, but will have a better look when I have more time. Would I need to go to Ford to get a new coupler if I need one? At least with it being the back window its not used as much as the front washers.
  3. Current favourite game.

    Im split between two at the moment... COD MW2 (although not very good at it, have only just gone online with it!) and Guitar Hero 5!
  4. hd cable for xbox 360... help?

    I got a cheap one from Tesco last week and does the job great!
  5. Rear Window Washer

    Newbie here so please be gentle!! I've currently got a 53 plate Ford Focus Zetec, and have had some problems with the rear washer. I went to use the rear washer the other day and when I looked in the mirror noticed that water was heavily dripping onto the parcel shelf. Later that day I managed to get the centre rear light out and found that the washer pipe was completely apart. I tried to connect the pipe back together again but they both seem exactly the same size so wont reconnect. Does anyone know if there is a join I can get to join the two pipes together or will the whole pipe have to be replaced? If its gonna be a replacement job any idea how much its likely to cost? Thanks for any help!! B)
  6. Hey There....

    Hi all, Im Matt, from the South Coast of England. Currently driving a Focus Tdci Zetec. So far so good, even being nearly 7ft tall its fairly comfortable!! :D