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  1. Hi, I don't know anything about the unit you have but my Sony works perfectly with CarPlay. It has never lost the usb connection so far. I installed the unit in March, so I have it for almost 3 months now. I just posted the picture of the installation on May 1st. Do you connect your phone directly to the Kenwood or do you use an external usb slot like I do? Also have you tried different USB cables?
  2. Today I successfully installed the reverse camera. I bought the camera from eBay and seems identical to the ones suggested in previous posts. The price was around $13. Because I wanted to always be able to check the reverse camera and not only when I have the reverse gear, I soldered the positive lead for the camera power to the acc cable of my power harness. With this, my Sony head unit can automatically change to the reverse camera when I have the reverse gear but I can also manually choose the reverse camera from the Sony menu. The picture quality is really good for the price and I was really impressed with the backup lines. They are extremely accurate. The installation wasn't that hard, but it is time consuming. it took me a little bit over 3 hours. Overall, I'm very happy with the result.
  3. I ordered mine almost 3 months ago and today they finally arrived. It took less than 5 minutes to install them. For about $4, they look way better than the originals in my opinion.
  4. Thanks. I'll order the regular version then.
  5. Hi Lenny. I started ordering all the parts. I have a question about the Boom Mat Baffles. I know that I need the rounded 6.5"size but the eBay listing you provided above has a slim and a regular version. Do you know what's exactly the difference between those 2 and which one I should order? Also, the seller from where I bought the reverse camera gave me a refund so I'll also order the Connects 2 camera you suggested.
  6. Thanks again Lenny. I'll wait a few more days and if the camera does not arrive, I'll ask for a refund and order this one.
  7. Hi again Lenny, Wow. That is a well explained and helpful comment. Thank you so much! I'll start buying everything I need then because it will take some time for everything to arrive. I'll buy those boom speaker cups you suggested instead of the speaker rings. Also those door clips will be very useful. I'm sure that I'll have problems with a few of the originals when I'll try to refit them. I also have a dremel which I'll use for the tweeters. When everything arrive, I'll reply again to this thread with the current status and to probably ask more questions. One last question. I already ordered a reverse camera that replaces the boot handle but it's taking forever to arrive and I'm sure that the parcel is lost. I'll probably ask for a refund. Are you satisfied with the quality of the connects2 reverse camera that you have? I read your guide but the link of the camera is not working anymore. Do you know from where I can buy it?
  8. I thank you both for your replies. I think that I'm going to buy them then and hope for the best. Lenny, awesome setup sir. However, I don't want to install a subwoofer and an amp. It is a lot of work, cost a lot of money and I also don't want to sacrifice any boot space. On more question though. Since I'll do all that work, do you think that I should install speaker ring like this for example or they are not worth it? In case I decide to buy those rings, is there any chance that I'll have problem putting back the door panel?
  9. After many months, I finally bought and installed a Sony XAV-AX3005DB head unit. Specifically, I bought this kit. It contains everything that is required for my car and everything works great. Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Steering Wheel controls, automatic switching to the rear camera with reverse. I still wait the rear camera to arrive though. The setup was super easy and looks really clean and modern. I also bought this usb slot and it works great! Overall, I'm very happy with the result. It certainly wasn't cheap, but in my opinion it's worth it. Now I'm considering to upgrade the factory speakers.
  10. Hi everyone, After I successfully installed a Sony XAV-AX3005DB in my Ford Focus MK2.5, I'm thinking of upgrading the factory speakers, so I would really appreciate your opinion. I'm not trying to achieve a super loud sound system here or with a lot bass. What I'm looking for is better sound quality overall and if possible a little bit more bass. The upper limit of my budget is 300 euros. I found tthis kit on eBay which costs about 250 euros including shipping. It basically contains a pair of JL Audio C1-650 for the front doors, a pair of JL Audio C1-650X for the rear doors, adaptor rings and wiring adaptors. Do you think that for that cost, is this upgrade worth it for what I'm looking for? Keep in mind that the installation will be done by me and as far as I know it requires a lot of work. In case the sound difference that I'll notice is minor, I'd prefer to keep the factory speakers. Has anyone else here used those speakers or other similar? Thanks, Spyros
  11. After searching online, I found out that there are A LOT of bad reviews about Seicane units, so I decided not to risk it with this. I'll go with a more respectable company like Pioneer or Sony. Thank you all for your help.
  12. From what I found out from my research, you probably didn't have the correct Bluetooth module. Anyway, you're probably right. Even if I buy the correct components and the whole thing works from now, the components are still 12 years old and I'll probably have compatibility issues. Especially with newer phones. Let alone the fact that it will cost me about 250 euros to buy the Sony unit and the correct bluetooth module. After a lot of search here, I found the Seicane aftermarket units which come with a custom fascia adapter and with 9" screens and Apple Car Play. Due to the custom fascia adapter, they offer bigger screens and a more pleasant look than a generic 2din unit. I think that I'll buy one of those. For example this one: https://www.seicane.com/android-for-2004-2005-2006-2011-ford-focus-exi-mt-2-3-mk2-mk3-manual-ac-radio-hd-touchscreen-gps-navigation-with-usb-wifi-bluetooth-support-obd2-carplay-h621
  13. Hi everyone. Today I was searching on how to upgrade the stereo on my car and I found this forum. I'm impressed with how much useful information and tips you all have in this community. Before I create a new topic I searched as much I could but as I'm completely new to this I have a few questions. What I want to do is to upgrade the stock 6000CD from my Ford Focus 1.6 MK2.5 from 2010 to something that can play music from my iPhone using bluetooth. Initially I was thinking to buy an aftermarket unit with Apple CarPlay but due to the cost of a unit with Wireless Car Play and the fact that I don't like the looks of an aftermarket unit, I discarded that idea. I found out however that I can achieve what I want with the Sony stereo but I got lost with all the different models. I also didn't understand if I also need to replace the bluetooth module or not. Currently with the stock 6000CD I can only connect my iPhone and speak on the phone. To sum up, my requirements are the following: 1) Play music from my iPhone using bluetooth. 2) Speak on the phone using bluetooth. 3) Play songs from USB (optional. I'll rarely use it). Can someone guide me to what exactly I need to replace? Thank you all in advance.