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  1. Or just drive it round the block occasionally, if you're not using it at all but we still need to use ours for food shops etc
  2. I had that with a cheap dashcam, got a decent one and no issue since then.
  3. Always been the case, don't expect your insurer to pay out if your vehicle is in an unroadworthy condition.
  4. Not much help for many, cant go anywhere 🤣
  5. Not sure, but there is a French facebook forum that covers car registration etc, you may be best asking there, search for Registering vehicles in France.
  6. You're allowed to use stickers to pass the CT, your garage should have told you that
  7. Should be something like this Turn ignition on. Press the Unlock button three times. Turn the ignition off. Press the Unlock button three more times. Turn the ignition back to on. The horn should beep once. This tells you that you’re now in programming mode. Press the Unlock button, then press Lock again. The horn will beep once to tell you that Auto Lock was deactivated. It will beep twice if you’re reactivating the system. Turn the ignition back to off and listen for the horn to beep one time confirming that the programming was accepted.
  8. I'd suspect a faulty switch somewhere. You say lights turn off but have you checked boot light, or even glove box light, are turning off? Maybe try removing the bulbs and see if the fault remains?
  9. Enjoy, I love mine, best thing you can do is get a Bluefin upgrade for it 😁
  10. The issue is more that many drivers will use it thinking it's safe and will then discover it simply isn't 🙂
  11. Likewise, on my previous Ford, a Mondeo, and now on my Ford Focus 1.6 EcoBoost. Best money I ever spent 🙂
  12. Well done, they do try it on, as I posted above I had same problem with my battery but like you I kept pushing and they did it in the end, I think they just hope folks will go away!
  13. Did you read the link I posted? Have you removed the bumper and sealed the four vents behind it? If not whatever you do won't work.
  14. You'll be fine, the Ford garage know about it and will know the mileage. If you're concerned take a pic on your phone so you have a dated record.
  15. Ford do try to wriggle out of things, I was initially told my battery wasn't covered when it died prematurely but after a bit of perseverance they agreed to replace it FOC. I'd keep pushing until they agree. There warranty states: Every new vehicle benefits from a Ford Base Warranty that is operated through Ford Authorised Dealers. This warranty covers any part of the vehicle that requires repair or replacement as a result of a manufacturing defect. The part will be repaired or replaced completely free of charge by any Ford Authorised Dealer, regardless of any change of vehicle ownership during the warranty period.