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  1. I've got rid of my Karcher now but seem to recall there was a dial to select how soapy you want it?
  2. Provided you've checked tyre pressures sounds like an alignment issue
  3. Although why would you want no fan?
  4. Should be in the foam packaging around the spare wheel
  5. Nope, mine hinges forward
  6. Mine too, disable stop/start before I move off. Just wish you could permanently disable it.
  7. Yes pass to police. In Sussex the is a website where you can do so, your force may have a similar method.
  8. Yes, pull out the bungs underneath the car, if water pours out you've found the issue. If you read the guide it's not difficult to do it yourself, took me a couple of hours.
  9. sussamb

    theory test

    My daughter too is about to learn, applied for her licence yesterday as even that was stopped for a while. Tried one of the DVLA example hazard tests and failed despite being an experienced blue light driver, seems I identified one hazard, a tractor in a field, way too early so it wasn't counted!
  10. I wouldn't bother, it's not that great an improvement over normal intermittent wipe
  11. I drove an auto in USA for two years, still always used the handbrake. Safer and more considerate than foot on the brake.
  12. Really? Handbrake at the very least should be used when stopped in traffic. If not then not only do you blind the drivers behind with your brake lights but you also run the risk if hit from behind to being knocked into vehicle in front or worse into fast moving crossing traffic.