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  1. Any good garage will make you copper brake lines that'll fit perfectly, I wouldn't bother with braided lines
  2. Mines been broken for a week, I just stick a thin bar in there and does the job lol
  3. Doesn't make a difference to be fair, I've been using different colours in various card over the years, never had a problem.
  4. Hi guys. Put in a new clutch and finding it impossible to bleed the clutch system. Every car Iv ever owned I just pumped the pedal while a friend opened the bleed nipple but from what I've read this method can damage the cylinder, not sure if it's true or not. I've got a 2006 1.8tdci I can't seem to find that tool online and also read about gunson eazibleed How do you guys do it? Thanks 👍👍
  5. Hi all after replacing slave cylinder now there's oil dripping quickly on the ground right where the engine connects to the gearbox. I presume it's brake fluid, slave cylinder leaking? Pain in the ***** if it is 🤬🤬🤬
  6. Took the ****** out and she's good now [emoji106][emoji106] another problem now is the drive shaft is ****** [emoji16][emoji16] anyone know if the petrol or 1.6 diesel will fit?
  7. After putting in a new sachs clutch yesterday the csc bearing is squeaking, im ******* gutted [emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959]
  8. Thanks, I didn't have a Haynes manual but it would be good to have one.
  9. Hi all, I've read this is a common problem. All warning lights come on and car won't move and when I tap the cluster a few times the lights go off and car works fine for a while. Its gotten worse over the past few days, I took the cluster out and I've added a picture of the solder joints. Do they looked cracked to you guys?
  10. Air in the diesel, easiest way I found is have someone keep cranking the engine and loosen the screws at the fuel rail, not too much. Air should come out or it'll spout diesel. I checked all mine but there was air only in one of them. You might need a spare battery as it can take a while
  11. Would this cause the car to just cut out after driving for last 6 months when I bought it with no problems at all. No it wouldn't It shouldn't, 6 months? Did you just change the filter recently. Your post is a little confusing, sorry. Mechanic is correct, it would put the eml on
  12. Hi, in the next few days I'll be changing my clutch, not sure what else until I remove the gearbox. I'll document here with pictures along the way. I've done a few bmw, mini clutches before. I only have basic tools, no lift etc. But I'm confident. Thanks all
  13. Mk2 focus 1.8tdci 115bhph Canged fuel filter and bled the air from the injectors and it eventually started. Cleared anti theft code and that hasn't come back and car was running great until these codes showed up today so now it stalls sometimes. I made sure to tighten everything back up but now these codes have shown up
  14. Downloaded an app to use with elm327 and read codes and a code read attempted theft. App is Carbit Cleared the codes and it started straight away. Not sure if it's a permanent fix but I've been on a 5 hour journey today and cars working fine.